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Growthink Reveals How to Find Venture Capitalists to Turn Ideas into Dollars

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 22, 2012

Do you have a great business or business idea that, with an infusion of millions in venture capital funding could become a huge success story? asks Dave Lavinsky, President and co-founder of Growthink, Inc., a leading entrepreneurial firm that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs build successful businesses.

If so, you should be talking with venture capitalists or VCs. As you probably know, VCs are the folks with the big checkbooks. Who have funded numerous successful companies like Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Twitter, Federal Express, and more.

According to Lavinsky, the best way to meet a venture capitalist is by being introduced to them by a colleague, friend or business partner. But to help entrepreneurs that are not lucky enough to have such connections, Lavinsky has revealed 6 ways that entrepreneurs can take matters into their own hands to find their own venture capitalists.

1. Meet Them on Their Blog

Most of the top venture capitalists maintain their own blogs. For example, VC Brad Feld's blog is located at, while VC Fred Wilson's blog is located at, according to Lavinsky.

Once you find the blog of the VC you would like to fund your company, read their blog posts. And then comment on them. Your comments should add valuable insights to the posts; showing that you're smart and someone the VC would want to know. After a few comments, the VC will start to recognize you. And when they respond to one of your comments directly, you'll have the chance to respond asking them if they'd like to meet in person.

2. Meet Them on Twitter

Many VCs are active on Twitter, says Lavinsky. So find them on Twitter and then follow them. See what they're posting about and use that to start a dialogue with them (via direct messaging, replying to a tweet, etc.).

3. Meet Them on LinkedIn

Lavinsky believes that LinkedIn makes it very easy for entrepreneurs to get connected with VCs. And as entrepreneurs grow their LinkedIn network, they can gain more and more connections to VCs.

Once the targeted VC is in your network, send them a LinkedIn message, Lavinsky advises.

4. Meet them at Industry Events

According to Lavinsky, All industries have events. And at these events venture capitalists who are interested in funding companies in that sector will come.

For example, next month I will be attending the AdTech conference in NYC to learn about the newest online advertising technologies. One of the speakers at the event will be Tim Chang, the Managing Director of Mayfield Fund. In addition to Tim, I'm sure lots of other venture capitalists will be there.

5. Meet them at Local Events

Every major city has local events that attract venture capitalists, and Lavinsky recommends as an effective way to find out about such occasions.

I just searched on "venture capital" within New York City and found tons of local events that VCs will be at. Most smaller cities have less, but still plenty of events for you to attend to meet the right VCs for your business, Lavinsky said.

6. Meet them via Email

The final way Lavinsky advises entrepreneurs to meet venture capitalists is via email.

Many VCs still list their email addresses on their websites. If not, subscribe to a database that offers them, or simply call the VC firm and ask for the email address, he says. VCs get tons of emails, so just send them a teaser email with no attachments (teaser emails give just a few exciting points about your company to get the VC interested).

So, there you have it. Even if you don't have any connections to VCs, you now have six places you can go to find them and contact them. And once you do, you could be on your way to a multi-million dollar funding check which allows you to build a phenomenally successful business.

About Growthink

Growthink, Inc. is a leading provider of business plan services. Growthink has also developed several training products and tools for entrepreneurs, including a small business plan template, a strategic planning template, and a sample marketing plan template. To learn more about Growthinks products and services, call 800-506-5728.

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