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4Jun/120 Announces Reason 3.0, Final Cut Pro 5, GarageBand 3 Tutorial DVDs for $19.99

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 27, 2007 announces the release of affordable training DVDs for beginners to intermediate users of Propellerhead's Reason 3.0, Apple's Final Cut Pro 5 HD and GarageBand 3 starting at $ 19.99. The "Get Going" DVD tutorials are designed to help you "Get Going" FAST with these amazingly popular video editing and music software creation programs. Get rid of the manual and start learning visually from a DVD-Video or QuickTime Download today for only $ 19.99. Each software tutorial series is worth over $ 100 per DVD!

The "Get Going" Training & Tutorial DVDs are design for anyone who wants to learn video editing and music software. Watch the DVD training on your TV with a consumer DVD player or on Mac or PC with a DVD-ROM drive. Our DVD trainers are energetic professionals and experts in media software.

Customers also can download a free Quicktime video version of the training they ordered ready for playback with QuickTime 7, iTunes or the iPod Video to get going now until the DVD arrives in the mail a few days later.

Product Details:




-Reason Setup

-Reason Preferences

-Quick Tour of Reason

-Work with the ReDrum & Sequencer

-Dr. Rex Loop Player

-Subtractor Synth

-Malstorm Synth

-Automating Faders

-Automating Effects


-NN19 Digital Sampler

-Matrix Sequencer

-ReDrum Advanced

-Sequencer Advanced

-ReDrum Vocals




-Surface Control Setup

-Exporting Your Track

-ReWire with Abelton

-ReWire with Logic

Building a Reason Rack

Working with Vocals in the ReDrum

Creating and recording Virtual Synths

Using Effects such as Reverb & Flange

Editing and correcting MIDI notes

Copying and Pasting Audio and MIDI tracks

(Beats Per Minute) BPM of Loops or Song

Adjusting Song Grid

Using ReFills & Loops

Importing your own loops or audio

Exporting songs to CD

Burning your tracks to audio CD

The Get Going with Reason 3.0 Tutorial / Training video is also great for Reason software versions 2 & 2.5.

RT- 2 hrs



FCP 5 DVD 101 includes printable PDF files such as: Step by Step instructions and 600MB of QuickTime DV source material to follow along or breakdown the projects later.

FCP DVD 101 Full Details


-System Hard Drive - Apps & OSX folders

-Set Up The Dock - Configuring dock / when editing with FCP

-System Profiler - View CPU, RAM & OS version & devices connected to your mac

-FCP Interface - Quick overview of FCP interface (Windows)

-Scratch Disk - AV drive setup

-AV Settings - Choosing Capture and Sequence presets

-File Structure - Locating FCP files on Mac

-Source Material - Media files provided for training

-Importing - Getting media into FCP

-Bins & Folder - Arranging Media files

-Basic Editing - Working with clips - Overwrite, Insert & Extract Edits

-Playing Clips-JKL - Playing media clips

-Basic Audio - Demonstrates laying in a Voice Over and music

-Audio Mixer Levels - Automating levels with keyframes (rubberbands )

-Audio Filter / EFX - Using audio filters: reverb, EQ, Automating audio filters with keyframes (rubberbands / break points)

-Speed Slow Motion - Creating slow motion video, changing clip speed

-Transitions - Using and customizing transitions/wipes

-Titles - Creating a basic title & Lower 3rds

-Motion Titles - Animate Titles with keyframes, wire frame views, ease in and out

-Color Correction - C.C. tools and techniques (warming / cooling images)

-Video Captures - Setting up and capturing DV with FCP, capture window, waveform monitor, scratch drive settings, compression settings

-Batch Capture - Automating the video capture process, creating offline media files and set the logging bin.

-Output to DV - Output FCP timeline to your miniDV camera or deck

-QuickTime Export - Learn how to export FCP projects as self contained or as Ref .MOV (QuickTime) files

-DVD Chapter Markers - Learn how to create chapter Markers and export the

-FCP timeline to iDVD, Create a DVD menu, create motion video buttons in iDVD

-Web Video H.264 Export - Export FCP projects for http and QuickTime web streaming for LAN, DSL & 56k

-Exporting Stills to Photoshop - Export stills from the FCP TL & Viewer for Photoshop and deinterlacing the image for print & the Web.

-Exporting for iPod with Video - Export FCP projects & DVDs for the new iPod with Video

RT - 2 hrs



What's New on the GarageBand 3 Tutorial DVD

GB3 Interface

Create a Podcast in the GB3 Podcast Studio

Movie Score Studio

Send Movie Score to iDVD5

Export Movie Score to QuickTime

Musical Typing

More Topics

Recording your Guitar or Vocals

Basic GarageBand project setup

Creating and recording virtual instruments

Using Effects such as reverb

Mixing audio levels

Automating pan and volume

Editing and correcting MIDI notes

Editing digital audio

Copying and Pasting Audio and MIDI tracks

Match BPM of Loops or Song

Using Mac Virtual Keyboard

Adjusting Song Grid

Editing digital audio

Using GarageBand Loops

Importing your own loops or audio

Notation View

Exporting songs to iTunes

Burning your tracks to audio CD


GarageBand Instrument Tuner - Tune your Guitar with GarageBand

Total RT: about 2 hours

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