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Creative Companies Hit New Highs Reports Duport

Bristol, UK (PRWEB UK) 22 March 2012

The number of new UK companies using the term creative in their name hit a new high in February 2012 according to the official company register.

In data collated and analysed by formations agents Duport Associates Ltd, the number of start-up firms using the term creative hit a record high of 123, up from the previous high of 118 companies formed in March 2010.

The media and creative industries are currently enduring turbulent times. The internet has drastically altered the way that many creative industries work, which has caused many problems for established companies, but simultaneously opened many new opportunities for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Creativity is vital at a time like this states Peter Valaitis, Managing Director of Duport Associates Ltd, and its great to see so many new companies that understand its significance.

In the creative industries theres a lot of room for new ideas, new models and methods of business and new ways to give customers what they need. From Graphic Design to Media and Marketing, the development of new technologies and ways to interact with consumers has opened a whole new world of opportunities for new businesses.

One creative firm is Edge of the Web, a relatively young and small firm of website designers in the Midlands. Director Mark Williams explained: "Each year technology continues to become more accessible and available to individuals. Computers and the Internet have profoundly changed the way creative industries work in a way nobody could have predicted even 15 years ago. With so many people getting an outlet for their creative talent at such a young age, it will be fantastic to watch the explosion in creative companies continue as generations develop."

The creative industry is an area where start-ups and entrepreneurs can turn an idea into a multi-million dollar business. Famous successes such as Facebook and Twitter are often hailed as the ideal models for online success, but many companies struggle to harness the opportunities of new media, and call for tighter regulation of copyright to protect established businesses.

Senior members of the Labour Party met with representatives of some of the worlds largest creative businesses in an event in March. Attendees included prominent members of the shadow cabinet, including shadow media secretary Harriet Harman, and shadow chancellor Ed Balls, as well as representatives from Google, Time Warner and ITV.

The event was designed to help the Labour party to form a strategy to encourage job creation in the creative industries. With the number of creative start-ups hitting a record high in February it could indicate that the trend is set to continue.

Duport Associates Ltd is a leading UK company formation agent, operating in the UK for around 15 years. Duport registers around 10,000 new companies each year using its Companies House approved software. The Company Register which is maintained by Companies House contains public information about Limited companies and directors.

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