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Connect Any Telepresence System On Any network

DALLAS, TX (PRWEB) April 25, 2012

Whygo, The worlds leading online distributor of public video conferencing and Telepresence facilities and TPEX Telepresence Exchange International, the worlds leading Telepresence Exchange, today announced a strategic partnership to help end users and channel partners to schedule any Telepresence system on any network.

Immersive Telepresence today still has equipment and network connection barriers. To the non tech savvy what this means is some Telepresence equipment worth $ 100,000s on certain networks will not connect to other equipment on other networks. The reasons vary but the key ones are equipment incompatibility, which is becoming less of an issue every week, but mainly network providers not interconnecting their networks. For example, Cisco Telepresence users on the AT&T network cannot connect there Cisco Telepresence systems to say any of the 42 public TelePresence rooms on the TATA network.

Through Whygo and the TPEX exchange, these connection barriers are no more. Users on any network using any Telepresence equipment can connect. Whats more, we can connect at their full High Definition and fully immersive 3 screen layout, if they have it.

After almost one and half years since we launched our immersive Telepresence service offering, nothing pleases me more than the ability to finally be able to say yes to customerswe can connect your private Telepresence rooms to any of our 60+ public Telepresence facilities no matter what equipment or network you use, says James Matthews, CEO of Whygo, The TPEX Exchange has opened up the market for every Telepresence user as they simply dont have connection limitations anymore.

Robert Rosier, CEO of TPEX said, We are very excited to add the Whygo network and service of public video conferencing & Telepresence rooms to our TPEX exchange platform. This gives new and existing Telepresence users a huge added value in connecting both private & public Telepresence rooms on any network.

About Whygo

Whygo Videoconferencing specializes in providing public video conferencing facilities to both direct and channel customers worldwide. Whygo was the first broker of public video conferencing facilities to develop and deploy an online global booking system. Not only can users search over 3000+ public video conferencing facilities, they can check availability and book over 1100 of those venues in real time, which delivers instant confirmations. Whygo has the largest network of live inventory in the world today.

Whygos online scheduling system doesnt just stop with the end user. They expanded the system so it can be easily re-branded for other agents, brokers and room providers to utilize and help drive conversions for both their own private facilities and the Whygo database of global public locations online.

Whygo has operations in Sydney, London and Dallas, open 24 hours to seamlessly service their direct and channel customers. Leveraging this unique service and software offering, many large and small video conferencing operators outsource their public room hire service to Whygo to fulfil.

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About TPEX

TPEX (TelePresence Exchange International) is a telepresence solution and content provider, connecting technology, networks and people. TPEX offers state-of-the-art high-end video conferencing services that seamlessly connect Telepresence through MPLS or IP based networks. TPEX offers learning services with an extensive spectrum of international master classes and event services, whereby participants can experience full interactive meetings with professors and top speakers around the world, from their laptop, video or telepresence system or from auditoria and large venues. TPEX also provides the public telepresence room in The Netherlands to TATA, as well as multiple private telepresence facilities in the Amsterdam.

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