Think Through Learning Introduces Think Through Math, An All-Digital Common Core Mathematics Curriculum for Grades 3 Algebra I

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) April 23, 2012

Think Through Learning Inc., formerly known as Apangea Learning, a global education technology company, announces Think Through Math, the first mathematics curriculum that leverages technology to personalize student learning at every levelinstruction practice, motivation and 1:1 LIVE instructional support from state-certified teachers. Written entirely to the Common Core State Standards, Think Through Math (TTM) is focused on the critical foundations for algebra. The program deepens students understanding of critical mathematical concepts, improves higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills, and motivates students to persevere and succeed with unprecedented differentiation.

Think Through Math is committed to preparing all students for the highly anticipated rigorous Common Core and STAAR assessments with their emphasis on mathematical thinking, said Kevin McAliley, CEO of Think Through Math. We believe that Think Through Math represents a milestone in the effort to develop mathematical proficiency in each and every student. Our unique combination of adaptive instructional content, motivation and just-in-time tutoring from live, state-certified teachers embodies the future of learning. Just as technology has evolved to fundamentally improve how we communicate with friends and family, Think Through Math makes full use of technologys ability to both personalize learning and instantly connect students with skilled tutors who know why the student is stuck and how to help them make a conceptual breakthrough.

Personalized Coursework for Each Student

Think Through Math sets a powerful new standard of differentiation with its web-based and adaptive learning platform. The program focuses intervention with personalized learning pathways, explicit instruction, meaningful practice, and unlimited access to LIVE, state-credentialed teachers (including Spanish) for more than 90 hours each week. Working in concert, these powerful features transform the way students engage with learning.

“Much research has been done on effective ways to increase the mathematical understanding and success of students who struggle with Algebra 1. We believe that Think Through Math has the potential to truly transform math learning, said Janet Pittock, Vice President, Education. Our goal was to create a learning experience that would truly engage underperforming students to do more math and become mathematical thinkers. The programs use of flexible and customizable technology motivates students to use the program 24/7the more we can motivate students to do math outside the traditional classroom setting, the more they will learn.

Efficiencies Increase Whiteboard Collaboration and Learning Achievement

While Think Through Math can be used independently on the computer at school and at home, it is also designed to maximize the collaborative features of interactive whiteboards, which are underutilized in many classrooms. Most digital curricula have been designed for one-on-one learning via an individual monitor, but TTMs interactive design encourages class collaboration.

The critical evaluation and input gathered from teachers in field tests across the country helped shape the instructional design of Think Through Math, ensuring that the curriculum and platform addresses specific needs with high-powered teacher tools that have never before been available via print-based teacher editions. The technology behind TTM allows auto-differentiation, a minimization of teacher administrative tasks, embedded formative assessments, and CCSS-aligned visual presentations of the mathematics. Field tests and pilots demonstrated that, on average, TTM increased math proficiency up to 60%.

Additionally, TTM creates efficiencies at home for parents and students with web-based anytime/anywhere access to instruction, feedback and LIVE teacher support. Students home-participation rates in field testing were over 50%.

Think Through Math is continuing to make unprecedented levels of investment in tools that will assist educators as they transition to the Common Core State Standards, added McAliley. We are excited about the power of Think Through Math to be a game-changer for their struggling students.

About Think Through Learning Inc.

At Think Through Learning, we believe that success in mathematics transforms the way students perform in high school and beyond. We have a particular interest in motivating underperforming students in unprecedented ways. We have a vision of effective education; a powerful blend of Web-based, adaptive instruction and LIVE, state-certified teachers. We champion innovation and embrace common core standards, teacher effectiveness, college and career readiness, school improvement, data-informed instruction, and breakthrough applications for virtual learning.

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