The Top 17 Reasons Why Organizations Should Implement an Enterprise Scheduler in 2012

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) February 14, 2012

Scheduling and managing appointments and reservations is an important task for Fortune 500 companies, corporations, enterprise-level organizations and large and medium-sized businesses throughout the globe, regardless of their scope or the type of services being booked. Greater efficiency is a goal for many of these groups in 2012, which is why a scheduling solution for automating, simplifying and streamlining this oftentimes tedious and time-consuming task has become a top priority. Recognizing this need for information, Appointment-Plus, the worldwide experts in online scheduling solutions and creators of the scheduling industrys most feature-rich and flexible enterprise scheduler, has created a list of the top reasons why companies, organizations and businesses should consider implementing enterprise scheduling software into their operations this year.

Although scheduling and managing appointments and reservations may seem simple on the surface, it can require significant time, staff resources and other commitments that businesses and organizations may not initially be aware of.

The true impact of scheduling in a more traditional and inefficient fashion may not always be apparent, says Bob La Loggia, CEO of Appointment-Plus. Thats why we compiled this list of the benefits of incorporating online enterprise scheduling software into your operations.

The top 17 reasons why companies should implement an enterprise scheduler like Appointment-Plus in 2012 are:

1. It saves staff time and resources.

2. It saves money.

3. Its scalable to accommodate a large number of employees, customers and appointments/reservations.

4. Its highly configurable to meet your specific scheduling needs.

5. It can integrate with existing processes and applications already in place.

6. It can completely automate the scheduling process.

7. Its effective for scheduling across multiple locations, offices, facilities and other sites.

8. Its easy for staff to use.

9. Its more convenient for customers, clients, students and patients.

10. Its accessible from any Internet connection.

11. It comes with dedicated business and support contacts.

12. Itll help you reduce the no-show rate.

13. It keeps your enterprise operation open 24 hours a day.

14. Its easier to manage staff schedules and future appointments.

15. It instantly informs you and your staff of new, cancelled and changed appointments/reservations.

16. It makes reporting and record-keeping simple.

17. You wont have to worry about over-bookings or mistakes.

A leader in online scheduling solutions since 2001, Appointment-Plus enterprise scheduling software provides its 5,000-plus clients with the tried-and-true functionality it needs to completely transform its scheduling processes, such as online self-scheduling, whereby individuals book their own appointments and reservations conveniently on their own; automated e-mail and text message reminders, which can reduce the no-show rate by over 50 percent; and robust record-keeping and reporting capabilities that eliminate the need to manage appointment and customer data in separate systems, spreadsheets or files.

Appointment-Plus is especially suited for corporations, enterprise-level organizations and large and medium-sized businesses, as it has the experience and knowledge to create the perfect application configured specifically to their unique scheduling needs. Among services and benefits offered in its enterprise-level suite are:

A highly scalable system that allows organizations to easily accommodate increases in workload, users and growth.
Web services, including integrations with existing software systems.
The most configurable scheduling software system available.
24-hour support from its headquarters in Scottsdale, Ariz.
Dedicated business and support contacts.
Turnkey, existing solutions that are instantly ready to go live.
Custom graphic user interface (GUI) development.
Robust reporting capabilities.

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