ImageStream Announces New Router Features at Interop

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 22, 2008

At Interop in New York this past week, ImageStream announced that it will offer a wide range of new features for its routers in upcoming releases of ImageStream Linux. Some of these new features include SoftPBX/VoIP gateway, VoIP capture and analysis, Web caching, Web filtering, intrusion detection, and Web-based management.

ImageStream routers run from a RAM disk, so advanced features could not be added indefinitely. ImageStream President J.C. Utter commented, “We wanted to add a number of major features to our routers for the last year, but we first needed to develop a new package management system. Now that we have package management, our customers can load and unload the optional software they need without having to choose from different monolithic distributions, and without using up limited resources on features that they may not need.”

Many of the new router features leverage popular Open Source software. For example, the new version of ImageStream Linux includes Asterisk, the most widely deployed VoIP gateway and SoftPBX software in the world. Additional Open Source packages include Snort for intrusion detection, Wireshark for VoIP capture and analysis, and Squid for Web caching. Squid is also being used to support highly granular Web filtering in conjunction with Netsweeper, ImageStream’s latest technology partner that specializes in Web site classification and filtering.

The new Web management system is another powerful feature that many network managers have requested. The Web management system will include a wide range of advanced features including the ability to save and load configs to and from the local PC, buffered interface statistics with powerful real-time graphing, and an easy-to-use system for managing network interfaces, firewall, QoS, VPNs, dynamic routing, and more.

ImageStream routers include free software upgrades for life, so the new software features will be available to new and existing customers at no additional charge. Squid, Wireshark and Asterisk are available now; Snort will be available in 45 days; and the Web management system is expected to be available by the end of 2008.

About ImageStream

ImageStream Internet Solutions, Inc. is a leading supplier of Linux-based LAN and WAN solutions for small offices, corporate LANs and WANs, and Internet backbone providers. ImageStream products include high-performance routers and switches, network cards, monitoring taps, and network management software. The company is headquartered in Plymouth, Indiana. For more information, go to ImageStream.


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