High-Tech Real-Time Cricket Feeds to Reduce Illegal Web Streaming

Mumbai, Maharashtra (PRWEB) March 25, 2012

DAT Organisation is pleased to announce the launch of its new web service. After months of research and development by engineers from Indias leading IT companies, DAT has successfully developed highly customizable and easy to use premium cricket feed solutions.

Cricket being one of the most popular sports across the globe and looking at the ratio of Internet users amongst them, many websites aspire to en-cash the opportunity by displaying premium cricket feeds on their websites.

With its high-tech cricket feeds solutions, DAT has made things simpler for such companies.

During the launch of its cricket feeds DATs owner Mr. Arun Durairaj said, We are not just presenting the industry with its fastest cricket feed solution till today’s date, but for us this is also a step towards reducing illegal streaming of the sport. Our feeds are not just real-time but the graphs and other important statistical data make our viewers experience equal to watching it live on TV. Needless to say the speed at which updates are given is faster to any illegal online streaming.

As of now we have introduced our scorecard in 8 different Indian regional languages and are already planning to add 5 more to our features. Our feeds will be available at a very affordable cost to all small and big websites that wish to display cricket feeds. We plan to cover every international cricket match as well as major domestic cricket tournaments in the future. Wagon Wheel and Pitch Map are getting slowly popular amongst cricket fans. The most important reason for this is they are not plain simple images but highly advanced Scalable Vector Graphics which are very interactive and give a close to accurate indication to a viewer of all the information required for him to get a real TV like experience. He added further.

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