Daily Safety Check recommends applying Microsoft, Adobe Security Updates immediately, as antivirus software will not protect against latest threats

(PRWEB) April 26, 2012

Adobe and Microsoft both issued critical security updates this week to plug security holes in their products. Customers that do not apply these updates will be vulnerable to hacker attacks even if they have up-to-date antivirus software on their computers.

One of the real misconceptions out there among home computer users is that if they have antivirus software on their computer, they will be safe from cyber attacks. says Jim McKenney, Chief Technology Officer of Daily Safety Check, which automatically applies these security updates every day. One of the main ways that cyber criminals access computers is through these security holes in out-of-date software.

Daily Safety Check recently published a White Paper of a major botnet, showing that 82% of infected computers had antivirus software installed. This is the next frontier in home computer security, says Mckenney. People dont have the expertise or the time to apply regular updates and constantly check security settings. We created Daily Safety Check because we needed a universal approach, with layers of security, that wouldnt require a lot of work or expertise from home users.

To interview Jim McKenney or find out more about computer security issues, please contact media(at)dailysafetycheck(dot)com.

About Daily Safety Check

Daily Safety Check is a next generation computer security company, applying layered security principles to home and business computers. The Home Edition includes antivirus software, plus applies daily security fixes, monitors for hackers and alerts you if you are attacked.

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