Continuent Extends High-Availability Offering, Bundles MySQL Enterprise

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) April 12, 2007

Continuent, Inc., the leading provider of commercial open source middleware solutions for MySQL high availability and scalability, today announced the inclusion of MySQL Enterprise subscriptions as an integral part of its Continuent uni/cluster for MySQL Enterprise offering.

MySQL Enterprise integrated with Continuent uni/cluster

Continuent uni/cluster for MySQL Enterprise solution will now include Continuent uni/cluster subscription, MySQL Enterprise subscription and a comprehensive set of support services based on various available support levels.

The bundling of MySQL Enterprise database and Continuent uni/cluster high-availability middleware solution along with multiple support and service levels will provide Continuent customers and partners with a faster-to-implement, low-risk and cost-effective transition to highly available applications and services.

Continuent also offers its popular and well received JumpStart Implementation Services. JumpStart is a collection of HA expert services that are designed to get customer clusters up and running and optimized into production in a matter of days. Key components include: installation, configuration, training and cluster optimization services. Continuent also offers additional complementary services such as: HA Assessment, HA Architecture Validation and implementation assistance services.

“We’re redefining the economics of database cluster solutions models for the Industry with the new Continuent uni/cluster for MySQL Enterprise bundle,” said Eero Teerikorpi, chief executive officer, Continuent, Inc. “Our customers and partners aren’t just buying the technology components. They expect us to provide a complete solution to gain high availability and performance increase to their mission critical applications. Our customers want to quickly, painlessly and cost effectively leverage the new technology for their business advantage. By offering Continuent uni/cluster for MySQL Enterprise and tailored services, our customers and partners get the exact solution they need at the price they want.”

Today, Continuent announced the following bundles:

Continuent uni/cluster Basic: includes Continuent uni/cluster Basic subscription, MySQL Enterprise Silver subscription, 8/5 next business day support and all new minor and major updates for Continuent uni/cluster and MySQL Enterprise for one year. Pricing starts from 3600 US dollars per CPU per year.

Continuent uni/cluster Premium: includes Continuent uni/cluster Premium subscription, MySQL Enterprise Gold subscription, 24/7 with 4-hour response time support and all new minor and major updates for Continuent uni/cluster and MySQL Enterprise for one year. Pricing starts from 4800 US dollars per CPU per year.

“We are very pleased to extend our partnership with Continuent,” said Mark Burton, MySQL AB’s executive vice president of Sales, Channels and Alliances. “Building on our joint success with customers such as Copyright Clearance Center — we look forward to providing Continuent and their customers with enterprise-class SLAs, monthly software updates, and support services that complement their high-availability database solutions.”

“Continuent uni/cluster and MySQL Enterprise met or exceeded all our critical requirements to make our Rightslink platform highly available and able to accommodate future growth in user traffic,” says Donald Couture, IT Systems Manager at CCC. “We are on track to move into production taking advantage of Continuent’s HA expertise via their JumpStart consulting offering.”

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About Continuent

Continuent increases application reliability by ensuring continuous database availability. Continuent manages a database-neutral, open source database-clustering project Sequoia ( Continuent also develops and markets commercial Continuent uni/cluster products and services based on Sequoia technology

Continuent’s commercial open source solutions are currently available for MySQL

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