Continuent Announces Move to New Subscription Pricing Model

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) April 5, 2007

Continuent, Inc., the leading provider of commercial open source middleware solutions for database high availability and scalability, today announced its new pricing strategy.

Annual Subscription-Based Pricing.

Continuent offers commercial open source solutions for business continuity for mission critical database applications. Continuent uni/cluster is an award-winning clustering solution for MySQL Enterprise and PostgreSQL.

Until now, these products have been sold under a perpetual license. The decision to move to a subscription model was driven by the desire to align Continuent products with other commercial open source companies’ pricing practices. Such a move will make purchase decisions easier for prospective customers. This move is also consistent with feedback from existing Continuent customers.

“Continuent’s success is a clear indication of the increased demand for commercial open source solutions, also in mission critical use, and the overall positive effects of the cost effective open source economy,” said Eero Teerikorpi, CEO of Continuent.

Continuent partner MySQL has successfully offered subscription-based MySQL Enterprise solution for over a year. Another Continuent partner, EnterpriseDB, has also gained significant traction in the PostgreSQL market with its EnterpriseDB and PostgreSQL support subscription offerings.

“More and more companies are seeking cost effective alternatives for their database needs. Continuent uni/cluster solutions allow our customers to deploy MySQL and PostgreSQL confidently with their critical applications, which earlier would have required more expensive commercial database solutions. By aligning our pricing with MySQL and EnterpriseDB solutions, we now make it easier and even more cost effective for our joint customers to gain access to these excellent solutions,” Teerikorpi continues.

The new pricing starts at $ 3,600 per database CPU per year.

For more information about Continuent products, visit, and for information on Continuent’s involvement in the open source community, visit

About Continuent

Continuent increases application reliability by ensuring continuous database availability. Continuent manages a database-neutral, open source database-clustering project Sequoia ( Continuent also develops and markets commercial Continuent uni/cluster products and services based on Sequoia technology.

Continuent’s commercial open source solutions are currently available for MySQL

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