352 Media Group Named Fourth Best Web Development Company by topseos.com for March 2012.

(PRWEB) March 05, 2012

352 Media Group has been named the fourth best web development firm in the United States online marketing industry by the independent authority on Search vendors, topseos.com. The rankings released for March 2012 contains online marketing agencies that produce results for companies looking to achieve a professional website with organic optimisation considerations being implemented into the platform. Thousands of online marketing companies have been considered in the rankings whereas only the ten best web development companies are highlighted in the rankings.

352 Media Group is a digital marketing and web development company based out of Gainesville, Florida with experience in online marketing and custom website development services. Their capabilities extend to various technologies including HTML5 while also providing quality design services which feature professional conversion-driven results. They are capable of creating powerful website strategies, flash graphics, and web and social media marketing campaigns for their customers.

Each web development company included in the rankings has been evaluated during the evaluation process to ensure the list of the best is comprised of companies who produce exceptional websites with online marketing considerations. The process involves the use of a set of evaluation criteria, customer references, and a look at the expectations of growth and proprietary advancements of each online marketing agency. The five areas of evaluation used during the process include process, standard compliance, scalable, robust and secure, and maintenance. During this process 352 Media Group was identified as a top company based on the results of the evaluation which involves achieving high results in each of the five areas including an exceptional process of creating and maintaining robust and secure websites.

In order to create the rankings which topseos.com releases on a monthly basis, customer references are used to obtain the opinions of those which have received the services and benefits of each of the web development companies. For each web development company three or more customer references are received and connected with and are asked various general and specific questions about their experience. During the evaluations customers of 352 Media Group had invested time explaining how their custom website had impacted their business often citing increased sales and faster conversion times due to the functionality and overall layout of their website.

topseos.com has named 352 Media Group the fourth best web development company based on their results in the meticulous evaluation process. Those looking for a web development company with experience in develop robust custom websites with their customers specifications in mind should consider 352 Media Group.

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