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Noteflight’s New Sheet Music Publishing Service Targets iPad, Smartphones, HTML5

Cambridge, Ma (PRWEB) March 14, 2012

March 12, 2012 Cambridge, MA -- Noteflight, LLC (, developer of innovative online music notation software, today announced the release of Noteflight Publishing Service, a cloud-based server platform that manages digital sheet music assets and delivers interactive musical content to tablets, smartphones, HTML5 browsers and the Noteflight Score Editor. The service is aimed at publishers, institutions and distributors of sheet music, and is available for use under a variety of flexible licensing arrangements.

Noteflight Publishing Service (NPS) is a cloud-based service which converts digital music files into graphics and audio on the server side, using Noteflight's music layout engine. NPS then delivers the results to authorized users, formatted on the fly according to their needs. It harnesses the advantage of the computing cloud, freeing content owners from the need to manage their musical assets and generate them in a huge variety of file formats. Scores may be provided as MusicXML files or sourced from Noteflight's innovative online score editing website

Most other digital sheet music systems work by magnifying or shrinking the original printed pages of a score to fit a device's screen, which results in music that is hard to read and play along with on a tablet or a web browser. In contrast, NPS automatically lays out a score's notes, measures and staves in a way that is sized and formatted for any application -- whether on a smartphone, a tablet, or a large screen. NPS can also provide sheet music in the best data format for viewing


Saint Marys University Hosts Event to Unveil New iPad App for Online Learning


Saint Marys University of Minnesota has taken a decisive step into the future of online and mobile learning by incorporating a specially designed iPad app into its online graduate programs. To celebrate the launch of this exciting initiative this month, the university has invited members of the community and students to demonstrate the features and benefits of the initiative.

During the event, Craig Pines, President and CEO of Deltak, will present Saint Marys University president Brother William Mann with an iPad preloaded with the app. Deltak is a pioneer in online higher education and Saint Marys partner in online programming and in development of the schools new app. Marcel Dumestre, Vice President of Graduate and Professional Studies at Saint Marys, will also be present to answer questions. Shortly afterward Brother William will use the iPad to interact with students. The demonstration is open to all Saint Marys students.


Smith & Associates: Strategic Diversification a New Standard for Manufacturers

Houston, TX (PRWEB) April 09, 2012

Last year, traditional inventory management faced unprecedented challenges. Electronics and semiconductor manufacturers contended with natural disasters and economic conditions that caused severe disruptions to supply chains. Many corporations realized that their sole- and limited-source supplier strategies simply could not keep production lines moving. Among the most pressing conditions were:


OttoBody Hidden Gym Offers Unique Solution to Exercise when Space is Limited

(PRWEB) May 01, 2012

Urban Rite Fitness is pleased to announce the introduction of a brand new way to exercise using The OttoBody Hidden Gym. To mark this occasion they are offering 100 customers a numbered first edition unit that will be made available at a limited price.

The OttoBody Hidden Gym is the ideal solution for those looking to stay fit in a smaller space such as a condo or apartment. It was developed with help from professional engineers, experts in the field of computer generated wood cutting and specialists in aeronautical plastic molding. Urban Rite Fitness went as far as to consult with well known interior designers in the selection of the seven colors they have made available to their customers.

I knew it had to look beautiful to stay in someones living room, but it also had to perform when it came time to exercise said Graham Laird, inventor and CEO of Urban Rite. Every detail was taken into consideration

This new product comes at a perfect time when the need to exercise has never been more important, while at the same time, the challenge to get effective exercise has become more and more difficult as living spaces grow smaller. To put it a simpler way.

To stay in shape in a smaller space you need a home gym designed to fit in a smaller space.

This hidden gem is just that. First and foremost it includes excellent instruction. The OttoBody Hidden Gym has all the tools needed to get effective exercise and it stores all this equipment out of sight. It looks at home in any living room and is available in several colors. Making it easy to match any decor.

It was Leonardo da Vinci who said Small rooms discipline the mind. Large rooms weaken it. With the trend towards living in smaller spaces growing, using these hidden gym means no longer giving up on exercise. Now imagine yourself, like da Vinci, painting a new canvas, with all the benefits a regular daily workout can provide

About Urban Rite Fitness

Urban Rite is a family run business in Toronto Canada. They are the sole manufacturer and distributor of The OttoBody Hidden Gym.

Any questions please contact Graham(at)ottobodyhiddengym(dot)com. Or call 1 888 509 4441

"From the beginning we have strived to build a product that will exceed expectations but has the added protection of a secure ordering and delivery system making your complete satisfaction our only goal Graham Laird.

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Hipmunk Brings Travel Industry First Calendar Integration to Mobile Search

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 05, 2012

Hipmunk, the travel site removing the agony from travel planning, today launched the ability for mobile users to integrate Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple iCal events and meetings into both mobile flight and hotel search results. With this major update to the Hipmunk iPhone, iPad, and Android OS applications, leisure and business travelers will easily find travel options fitting their unique schedules while eliminating the need to toggle between search results, multiple calendars, and maps. Any meetings that conflict with a flight are displayed on-screen, and event locations are plotted on the map alongside hotels.

With mobile calendar integration, we are immediately saving users from toggling between apps, calendars and search resultscutting out thousands of hours of agony. And we are thrilled to be the first travel company to allow this type of unique personalization, said Adam Goldstein, Hipmunk CEO. Were dedicated to solving actual travel planning problems, and from personal experience, we understand how agonizing it can be finding the right flight between two meetings or the best hotel within walking distance to the days first meeting.

Mobile flight search integration features:


IntoxBox Interactive Breathalyzer to Unveil New Model at Vegas Shows

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) March 12, 2012

It will call you a cab, invite you to guess your BAC (blood alcohol content), and, if you guess correctly, it will even text an activation code directly to your cell phone for a free BAC test. The IntoxBox, the worlds first smart BAC testing kiosk for bars, will make its national debut at two trade shows at the Las Vegas Convention Center March 12-16.

With its 19-inch touch screen monitor, dynamic graphics, interactive user interface and remote management system, the IntoxBox Interactive Breathalyzer bears little resemblance to the garish, novelty bar breathalyzers of the past.

Its advanced programming, entertaining user experience and state-of-the-art sensor module represent a quantum leap in bar breathalyzer technology. The IntoxBox even cycles ads in high definition on its touch screen monitor when the breathalyzer is not in use.

The IntoxBox will be featured at the Night Club and Bar Owners Convention and Trade Show March 12-14 and the Amusement Expo March 14-16. Both shows are at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The IntoxBox, which is manufactured by Walden Innovative Resources, LLC (WIR) of Eden Prairie, MN, currently has distributors in 13 states.

The IntoxBox features an interactive program that guides users through the testing process. Once the test is over, they are offered the opportunity to order a cab simply by touching an icon on the touchscreen monitor. It also invites users to guess their score. If they guess correctly they receive an activation code for a free BAC test.

Weve tried to make the IntoxBox experience something that entertains, educates, informs and provides a transportation option for customers who may decide not to drive their own vehicle home from the bar, explains Ryan Walden, WIR president and co-founder. Driving under the influence is a very serious issue, and we want to give customers all the tools they need to make a responsible decision.

Drunk driving accounts for nearly 12,000 deaths, 700,000 injuries and 1.4 million arrests each year in the U.S. Part of the problem, claims Walden, is that bar patrons dont have an opportunity to check their BAC before they leave the bar. You wouldnt drive without a speedometer, says Walden, so why are bar patrons expected to drive home without the opportunity to test their BAC before they leave the bar?

The IntoxBox is equipped with a state-of-the-art fuel cell sensor and a circuit board-controlled sampling system that is specially engineered to stand up to repeated use with no drop-off in accuracy. The IntoxBox quickly clears out residual condensation after each test to assure that BAC readings are as accurate as possible.

Measuring 34 inches high by 20 inches wide by 7 inches deep, the IntoxBox is built to last with a 14-gauge steel case, double-bolt lock and durable touchscreen monitor. It has a credit card swipe, dollar bill acceptor and a built-in straw bin that can hold more than 500 straws.

In its national rollout, the company has been contracting with independent operators who either sell or place the machines in bars in their area and collect revenue from usage fees and advertising.

Ad Sales

Between tests, the IntoxBox can display high definition video ads on its19-inch touchscreen monitor. It can also run direct impression ads during the testing process.

Not only can advertisers align themselves with responsible drinking, they are also able to get their messages displayed in the high traffic areas of these popular bars and nightclubs rather than on restroom displays that are normally associated with indoor advertising. The IntoxBox displays each ad about 12,000 times a month during prime business hours.

Remote Monitoring

The IntoxBox is the first bar breathalyzer with a remote monitoring system that allows operators to troubleshoot equipment functions and track paid transactions from their laptop or desktop computers or smart phones.

From a distributors perspective, the remote monitoring capability may be the most significant advancement of all, says Walden. You can see if the units are working properly and you can see how much each unit is earning each day without ever leaving your home.

After two years of test marketing in the Minneapolis-St Paul area, WIR rolled out national distribution of the IntoxBox in December 2010. The Las Vegas trade shows marks the first time the IntoxBox will be featured at a major public forum.

For more information on the IntoxBox, please go to or contact Gene Walden at 952-201-9362.


MyTurf Changes the Game for Digital Advertisers with the Release of its Radically Advanced, Hyper Local Ad Delivery Platform, AdValue 3.0

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) April 05, 2012

Today during AdTech San Francisco, MyTurf, Inc. announced the availability of AdValue 3.0, the latest release of its radically new ad delivery platform.

AdValue is a game changing approach to online display advertising and is quickly becoming the backbone of the digital advertising supply chain. Commenting on the latest release CEO, Tom Dye calls it a break through for the ecosystem partners to truly leverage the meaning of hyper local targeting. Our technology links all three critical aspects of the digital advertising ecosystem including Network Providers, Advertisers and Publishers and gives them a common and easy to use platform to deliver advertising to thousands of hyper local communities. In a few key areas, it is very similar to the way the local television affiliate advertising model works."

The 3.0 release includes a new visual design, simplified setup wizard, and a flexible renewal and payment management system. Also released is an updated version of the AdValue delivery technology, resulting in greater transparency, speed, and integration with OpenX real time bidding network.

"Everyone works, plays and shops within 30 miles of their home. By partnering with network providers who actually run the cable, phone lines, or signal into physical locations, MyTurf gives local and national advertisers access highly accurate, hyper local communities. Advertisers can now target a specific geographic area right down to the zip, street, or building with incredible precision and Publishers have a unique capability to diversify and monetize their ad space at the hyper local level. Bringing the network provider into supply chain, gives us an edge on accuracy and ubiquity that advertisers are demanding." said Mike Peloquin, VP of Sales and Marketing.

Tom Dye adds, "This update is the culmination of years of work to generate a completely unique ad delivery platform. Today we've made that platform available to both local merchants and sophisticated ad buyers."

The Myturf platform is accessible for advertisers via their website Bids on their inventory can also be placed via theopenX RTB market under a subdomain.

About MyTurf:

MyTurf is the only company that delivers the reality of hyper local advertising by combining the geographic presence of Network Providers, consumers demands for relevant localized content and Advertisers direct audience objectives. Established in 2007, MyTurf was founded on the belief that Network Providers offer a singular advantage to advertisers and publishers who want to drive greater profits from hyper local, geo-targeted capabilities. Contact information: sales(at)myturfads(dot)com.

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Sonica Audio Labs Releases HUSH-RT4 Audio Workstation

Boston, MA (PRWEB) September 19, 2008

Sonica Audio Labs has announced the HUSH-RT4 digital audio workstation is now available, powered by the Intel Q9550 Quad Core Processor running at 2.83GHz per core, with 12MB of cache memory and with a 1333MHz Front Side Bus (FSB). In addition, the HUSH-RT4 workstation incorporates Extreme XMS II DDR2-800MHz memory, SATA II storage and dual display support. This is one fast and quiet machine running at 22 db (A) and able to run over 250 plug-ins with ease.

The HUSH-RT4 workstation supports all the very latest Intel technologies. The performance boost gained by the HUSH-RT4 digital audio workstation simply translates into more plug-ins to run, more VST instruments to run and more tracks to add, resulting in an overall increase on a user's efficiency to minimize their total production time while maintaining rock-solid stability.

Tested to be compatible with leading DAW applicatios, including, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Cubase, Samplitude, Sequoia, Sonar, Live, Reason and most sampling engines.

Tested to be compatible with leading Pro Audio interfaces, including, Digidesigns M-BOX II, 003, Presonus FP10, FireStudio, RME Fireface 400/800, HDSP MADI, 9652, 9632, Multiface/Digiface with PCI/PCIe card, RayDAT, M-AUDIO 410, 1814, MIX I/O, MOTU, Traveler, 424 PCIe based systems.

With its brushed aluminum case, it is time when words like stylish could be used to describe an audio PC. While being sexier than a standard beige or black PC, the HUSH-RT4 digital audio workstation utilizes heat-pipe technology, 12 db (A) ultra-quiet fans and sound barrier to keep a user's audio production environment quiet.

The HUSH-RT4 audio PC also offers a range of ports to add additional hardware and interface to a studio gear. There are ten USB2.0 ports, dual Texas Instruments FireWire IEEE-1394a ports, along with eSATA and dual display support for up-to dual 30" MAC Cinema Displays.

Sonica Audio Labs, LLC. configures the HUSH-RT4 audio workstation with audio production in mind, shipping with customized BIOS and optimized Windows XP services.


Intel Quad Core Q9550 2.83 GHz Processor

12MB Cache memory and 1333 FSB

4GB Corsair DDR-2 800MHz RAM

Seagate 500GB 7200RPM 32MB SATA II system drive

Seagate 500GB 7200RPM 32MB SATA II audio drive

Seagate 500GB 7200RPM 32MB SATA II samples drive

EZ-SWAP mobile drive system

SilentTrack 20x CD / DVD / DVD-RAM burner

ATI HD3470 Dual Link, Dual DVI, Dual VGA video card

2560 x 1600 video resolution

Supports up-to dual 30" displays

600 Watt 12 db (A) ultra-quiet power supply

5 TI Firewire ports, 2 (800), 3 (400)

8 USB 2.0 ports

1 eSATA port

6 SATA II ports with RAID support

3 open PCI slots

3 open PCI Express slots

1 Gigabit LAN port

2.4 GHz wireless keyboard and mouse

Intel high definition 7.1 CH integrated audio with SPDIF

Coper heat-pipe 12 db (A) CPU cooler

SilentX 12 db (A) exhaust FAN

LightScribe optical drive

Brushed aluminum 4U rack-mount case


Windows XP Professional SVP3 or VISTA 64

NERO Suite 8 CD/DVD burning software

Acronis True Image full version


3 year toll free phone support

3 year e-mail support

3 year hardware / software integration support


3 year parts and labor

3 year on-site pick-up service

Price of above configured system is $ 2272.95 MSRP


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TechXtend Announces Riding the Crest Awards for 2011

Shrewsbury, NJ (PRWEB) April 04, 2012

TechXtend (formerly Programmers Paradise


AIM Industries Promotes Online Viewing

Mesa, Arizona (PRWEB) April 04, 2012

AIM Industries, originator of the AirBagIt and Chassis Tech brands, continues in its efforts to enlighten its car-loving customers.

AIM Industries recently launched an online guidance forum focusing on its customers obtaining the most from their purchased products.

AIM Industries hopes its online instructional videos will allow its customers to better understand their products, which include air-lift suspensions, lowering kits, air struts, etc.

The online forum is called, Knowledge Base 101, it is filled with directions and definitions designed to aid AIM Industries customers understand how to properly install and test their new parts. The online database also provides expert advice.

These videos are perfect for the everyday do-it-yourself mechanic, said AIM Industries President Joe Morrow. AIM Industries stresses the importance of making sure our customers are 100 percent satisfied with their purchased products.

Knowledge Base 101 was specifically designed to accommodate AIM Industries vast clientele, where most buyers range in expertise levels. In addition, the Knowledge Base 101 page includes numerous photos, simplified tutorials and answers to common questions.

AIM Industries always pushes for excellence, Morrow said. With customer outreach initiatives like Knowledge 101, AIM Industries is routinely pushing the envelope.

For more information on AIM Industries or the AirBagIt and Chassis Tech brands call (800) 842-8789.

About AIM Industries

AIM Industries, originator of the AirBagIt and Chassis Tech brands, sits in Mesa, Arizona. The auto-parts company has been in existence for nearly 24 years. AIM Industries is known for its aftermarket air suspension kits, lowering control arms, lowering shocks, and C-notch kits. AIM Industries provides a flexible customer guarantee policy, including a lifetime warranty on all non-electrical parts and a 90-day warranty on all electrical parts.

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