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ScienceLogic Launches Business IT Management And Administrator Dashboards in EM7 5.0

Reston, Va. (PRWEB) June 7, 2007

ScienceLogic, a leading provider of integrated systems, network and application management, has today announced the newest version of their EM7 meta-appliance: Version 5.0. Due out in July 2007, Version 5.0 will feature flexible dashboard capabilities for both high-level and granular reporting.

The new dashboard functionality allows individual users to customize views of any piece of information that can be collected by the EM7 appliance. Performance, availability and configuration of systems and network components can be displayed, as can alerts and trouble tickets actively being resolved by the IT team. Combined with the EM7 Database Dynamic Application feature, dashboards can also display any piece of information (business- or IT-related) sitting in an Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL database.

"The customizable dashboards are designed to greatly enhance the user experience, whether that user is a CIO or a network administrator," said David Link, CEO and founder of ScienceLogic. "The ability for users up and down the management line to immediately see information relevant to their job function ensures that the right information is reaching the right people at the right time. The new EM7 dashboards break down artificial barriers between IT and the rest of the business by giving everyone who needs it instant visibility into just how IT operations supports business operations. At a glance, management can see exactly how IT is aligned with the business."

Examples of dashboards for different business and IT stakeholders:

Network Engineers, DBAs, System Administrators, Email Administrators - personalized "NOC"-type view of only relevant network components and database/Web/application servers

Technology Executives - High-level statistics on business IT performance including key application availability, critical failures, and service desk activity

Technology Managers - Statistics on IT department performance including key application availability, system-wide CPU and Memory usage, top ten trouble tickets and activity

Business Executives and Managers - At-a-glance real-time view of availability/status of IT infrastructure components supporting business applications; customizable business intelligence dashboards when combined with the data mining functionality of EM7 Database Dynamic Applications

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their external customers - IT infrastructure health views for their own Network Operations Center (NOC) staff; customer-equipment specific views for direct customer access

In a recent research study, "The Pros and Cons of Systems Management Appliances", Andi Mann, Senior Analyst for leading IT research and analysis firm Enterprise Management Associates advised that "businesses should seek out and evaluate appliance-based solutions for their systems management requirements." In the study, which specifically highlights the EM7 appliance, Mann lists many advantages including "cost effectiveness, ease of implementation, ease of maintenance, easier support, simplicity, good availability, and security."

"We are just at the beginning of an exciting time for appliances in this industry," said Link. "Adding this dashboard capability in the EM7 appliance pushes the expectations of what can be delivered via this model. Far from a simple, single-solution tool, a 'meta-appliance' like EM7 can compete and win against Big 4 framework products by delivering immediate value, a comparable feature set and lower overall TCO."

About ScienceLogic:

Reston, Va.-based ScienceLogic LLC was started with one goal: Simplify IT. Founded and staffed by technology professionals who are intensely focused on making IT management simpler, better and faster, ScienceLogic is committed to delivering solutions with unquestionable quality and value and enabling its customers to deliver impeccable service to their constituents. ScienceLogic's patent-pending EM7 IT Management Appliance is a next-generation "framework" solution engineered to deliver comprehensive systems, network and application management. The revolutionary EM7 "meta-appliance" combines a secure and pre-integrated set of applications with automation tools, reporting, "single pane of glass" view and centralized data repository - all optimized to work together for proactive and efficient IT operations management. For more information, call 1-800-SCI-LOGIC (1-800-724-5644) or visit our web site at

Media contact:

Stephanie Stadler

SpeakerBox Communications for ScienceLogic



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