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Jupiter Upgrades its Fusion 940 Display Wall Processor; Enhanced Processor Offers More Memory, Video Processing, a New Removable Drive and More Video Inputs

Anaheim, CA (PRWEB) June 21, 2007

Jupiter Systems, (INFOCOMM07, Booth #2426), the industry leader in Command and Control Visualization, today announced enhancements to its Jupiter Fusion 940 Display Wall Processor, offering more memory, video inputs and processing power and a removable hard disk.

The upgrade includes up to an optional 3GB memory (over a standard 1GB maximum), processing power of 3GHz (up from 2.4GHZ) and a removable SATA 150 80GB hard disk (instead of a fixed 20GB ATA hard drive). The enhanced processor also offers Jupiter's popular video processing add-in card, the Octal Video Board. For the Fusion 940, video inputs can increase from 12 to 44 with the addition of 4 Octal boards.

The Octal Video Card is designed to support applications where large numbers of video signals need to be shown on a display wall. With multiple cards installed in a Jupiter Fusion 940 display wall processor, over 32 video signals can be shown on the display wall simultaneously. This new capability provides the flexibility to attach all required video sources directly to the processor and eliminate the need for an external matrix switch, thus reducing cost and simplifying installation while improving user control.

The new Fusion 940, configured with multiple Octal Video Cards, is the perfect price performance solution for Intelligent Traffic, 911/Dispatch, Security and Surveillance, Public Utilities and Telecom installations that require monitoring numerous video sources simultaneously.

The Enhanced Jupiter Fusion 940 Display Wall Processor

The Jupiter Fusion 940 Display Wall Controller is capable of driving up to ten analog or digital projectors to a resolution of 1600x1200 pixels per projector. The robust processor offers flexible digital and analog input and output options housed in a compact 2U rack mount enclosure.

The Jupiter Fusion 940 comes standard with 12 composite video BNC and six S-Video mini-DIN inputs to the system. The integrated video matrix switch and analog video bus allows any video input channel to be directed to any output window, simplifying configuration. To accommodate larger configurations, optional Octal Video boards can be added to the system to provide up to 44 video inputs and the ability to display up to 34 video windows on a Fusion 940 system. Windows containing video inputs can be moved, scaled and minimized like any other application window, making the Fusion 940 highly flexible and easy to use. Multiple video windows can be placed on a single screen, providing display space for other applications.

Up to eight HD15 inputs can be added to display live RGB graphics images on the display wall from other computer sources such as laptops, desktop computers, workstations and legacy systems. RGB windows can be easily moved, resized and minimized like any other application window. RGB image quality is guaranteed with automatic software recognition of incoming RGB signals that correlate to existing VESA standard display formats.


John Stark

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