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iPod and Other MP3 Player Sales Fade as iPhones, Androids and other Smartphones Take Over as the Digital Music Players of Choice

Tel-Aviv, Israel (PRWEB) February 29, 2012, a gadget news aggregator that has been used by over one-million people, is witnessing a substantial rise in the percentage of users who indicate they no longer have any interest in acquiring the once must have MP3 player, due to the popularity of smartphones.

Currently on 7.2% of users list an MP3 player as a device they own, while only 2.4% list a new MP3 as a device they "want", implying that MP3 player ownership is about to drop significantly.

Among smartphone owners there is even less interest in MP3 players only 1 out of 4 Drippler users who want an MP3 player currently own a smartphone. is an excellent leading indicator of developing tech trends because its users list the gadgets they own (their haves) and the gadgets they want to own (their wants).

Even among the holdouts that are still using standalone MP3 players we expect a dramatic drop-off when their current MP3 players wear out, said Matan Talmi, Drippler CEO. We are seeing a similar shift away from standalone MP3 players that led to the eventual demise of the Walkman and Discman lifecycles. With the majority of our users downloading and listening to music on their smartphones they simply dont see a need for an additional MP3 player.

Manufacturers are taking notice as well, with MP3 player sales declining every year since 2008. Smartphones sales have more than tripled during that span with 478 million units shipping in 2011 alone. By 2015 over one billion smartphones will be shipped out compared to 126 million MP3 players (source: IHS iSuppli). The Zune, Microsoft's iPod competitor was discontinued in late 2011 just five years after the first model came out.

The loss of interest in MP3 players compared to smartphones can also be seen on Google search volumes "iPod" searches have taken a dive in recent years, while "iPhone" searches are constantly growing (source: Google Trends).

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