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iPad 3 Apple Speeds Up Processor And Production, Reports Industry Watchdog 2U Limited.

(PRWEB UK) 5 February 2012

As Apple prepares to launch the iPad 3, speculation regarding its specifications, release date and even name still abound. The latest news on the much anticipated tablet is that the iPad 3 is equipped with a mega-fast quad-core A6 processor. The current iPad 2 has an A5, so the latest tablet is expected to have a faster processor and according to a Boy Genius Report, it definitely does.

Leaked images of diagnostics allegedly from the iPad 3 were apparently sent to the website from a source claiming to possess a prototype of the new tablet. The images show data, one of which is a chip model number similar to the A4 and A5 processors but higher, suggesting more power and speed.

As the iPad 3 is also rumoured to feature a high definition Retina display with double the amount of pixels of its predecessor, its certainly going to need more power and if this latest revelation is correct, it looks like it may well have it in spades. The quad-core A6 processor allows users to leap between applications in a flash while supporting more intensive gaming and animations due to its ability to process graphics faster.

The tablet is expected to feature new improved cameras and cutting-edge Long Term Evolution wireless connectivity too. LTE, as it is known, is expected to become the worlds first mobile phone standard in the future but unlike Samsung with the Galaxy S2, Apple did not embrace it with the iPhone 4S as it requires a powerful battery to support the new technology. Now, the leaked images seem to suggest that Apple have succumbed with the new tablet looking like it has 4G LTE connectivity and there are hints within the industry that the forthcoming iPhone 5, reported for launch in June, may also have it.

But when can Apple lovers expect the iPad 3 to hit the high street? According to US reporter Bloomberg, mass production of the tablet began in Asia in early January, so it has now been in full swing for a number of weeks. Early predictions from other industry observers seemed to expect the launch to coincide with the birthday of Apple founder, Steve Jobs on 24th February. Although the company usually release new products in the springtime could tablet enthusiasts be in for a surprise?

It would be a great way for Apple to pay homage to Steve Jobs and a nice surprise for gadget lovers, says 2U iPad insurance expert, Simon Shaw, but it is a pretty fierce deadline to meet. Unless they pull out all the stops the launch will most likely be in March. He adds At the moment everyone thinks the tablet will be named iPad 3 but it could be the iPad 2S. They confounded everyones predictions before, bringing us the iPhone 4S rather than the iPhone 5 as expected, so they may have more surprises in store.

And as for the price? With the iPad 2 ranging between

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