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Embedded Network Controller Kit Eliminates Need to Design Custom Enclosure

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) July 16, 2007

NetBurner today introduced its award-winning PK70 Embedded Network Control Product Kit, a quickly customizable, embedded Ethernet platform that includes all the hardware, software, and tools needed to build a network aware product. The PK70 was unveiled at the Freescale Technology Forum (FTF) held in Orlando, Florida on June 25-28, where it won the "Best of Class" award for "Innovative Platforms." The primary advantage of the PK70 is that users can quickly customize it by installing your custom board, or one of NetBurner's Standard Personalty Blades, inside the PK70 enclosure. The $ 299 development kit includes: the NetBurner PK70 device, Eclipse IDE, uC/OS RTOS, TCP/IP stack, web server, C/C++ compiler and linker, flash file system, and deployment tools.

NetBurner created this full-featured, embedded network control development platform for the demanding professional design engineer, and also targeted the ease-of-use required by hobbyists and students new to 32-bit platforms. The PK70 takes much of the legwork out of creating a prototype by eliminating the need to design a professional grade enclosure and power supply. Including an internal card slot interface with direct access to the PK70 CPU allows engineers to simply focus on building a "Personality Blade," which targets their end-product application.

NetBurner Personality Blade boards give developers a quick and easy way to create a network-aware device that includes your custom hardware peripherals. Users can instantly customize the PK70 with one of the standard NetBurner Personality Blades or install their own custom board inside the PK70 enclosure. NetBurner currently offers Personality Blades with A/D, D/A, GPIO, CPLD and prototyping areas.

Equipped with a 147 Mhz ColdFire Processor, 8MB of SDRAM, 4MB of flash memory, 10/100 Ethernet, RS-232 Serial Port, and a SD/MMC card slot, the PK70 packs outstanding computational power, exceptional I/O, and storage performance in an optimized DIN-rail ready enclosure. Providing the latest in high-performance connectivity options, the included PK70 device internal connector includes three chip selects, three UARTs, I2C, SPI, and an 8-bit data bus.

"We improved the best Ethernet core module development kit in the industry by adding a professional grade enclosure with an internal connector to allow easy expansion to the latest in high-performance peripheral options," said Larry Gitlitz, Project Engineer at NetBurner. NetBurner Development Kits continue to lead the industry with the most innovative and comprehensive solution for creating embedded network products.

The PK70 Development Kit (Part No. NNDK-PK70EX-KIT) is available immediately through the NetBurner Store at and costs $ 299 USD.

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