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Create Professional-Looking Landing Pages With Premise For WordPress Review Now Up On

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) February 07, 2012

Website coding involves various programming languages like PHP, HTML and CSS. Without training, this is a messy and quite complicated task. With websites now becoming a necessity for modern businesses, one can easily spend a fortune hiring programmers and designers. Fortunately, innovators have come up with various means to facilitate this. WordPress, todays most popular blogging tool is best known for its powerful features and its ease of use. Because WordPress is so popular, independent innovators from all over the world have come up with simple-to-use add-ons and plugins that complement and enhance WordPress capabilities. One such plugin is Premise a tool that lets users customize and optimize their website landing pages with ease. James Schramko, acclaimed business expert from Australia, has taken the time to review this tool. The Premise for WordPress Review can now be viewed on

Premise for WordPress is a fantastic tool if you are looking to design landing pages yourself. You dont need to be an expert in coding; in fact you dont need to know anything about programming at all. It is that simple. Plus it has tons of other features that help you design, write copy, track and compare which of your designs are converting. Id recommend it to anyone who loves the DIY approach. James Schramko

Listed below are some of the powerful features of Premise:


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