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Branding Expert Julia Stege Launches New Marketing Agency for Conscious Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Sonoma County, CA (PRWEB) January 14, 2012

Many entrepreneurs, consultants, creatives and healers are feeling scared and frustrated about the uncertain economy and wondering how their business will make it. Marketing has become more important than ever before while customers rely heavily on the Internet. Even referral-based marketing requires a compelling, effective Internet presence so that potential customers can check out businesses before committing to making contact.

The problem is many business owners who have avoided marketing in the past did so because they believe that traditional marketing methods conflict with the mission and purpose of their heart-felt offerings. In short they hate marketing.

After running a graphic design studio for 16 years called, branding and Internet marketing specialist Julia Stege (internationally known as The Magical MarketerTM) has created a new brand, Magical MarketingTM, to promote what she sees as a completely new paradigm for marketing.

"I've always known that conscious entrepreneurs require a totally different approach to marketing than is usually employed by businesses who will do anything to earn a buck," says Stege. "Magical Marketing is about attracting perfect customers authentically rather targeting them with endless hype. In this new economy, authentic marketing is working better than ever. Our revenues have grown by over 37% in the last year alone. This and the results our customers are seeing show this new paradigm for marketing works and it's time to get our message out to the international community of heart-centered business owners."

What is this mysterious new paradigm for marketing? It has to do with the Law of Attraction which states that "Like Attracts Like." Ms. Stege had been studying metaphysical arts for decades when she realized that this age-old knowledge could be used in branding and marketing to help businesses attract ideal clientele. While running her design studio, Stege received several certifications in Law of Attraction Coaching and integrated them into her branding and design services with magical results.

She explains, The marketing practices of the past center around trying to manipulate the buying practices of consumers with bloated promises and scare tactics. This approach fails with todays conscious entrepreneur. The new paradigm is about being honest, authentic and even vulnerable. The key is in allowing the world to see the real you. This real you is irresistibly attractive to your ideal customers because Like Attracts Like.

What is the process? A simple explanation for this methodology is three-fold, points out Stege.

First we work together to clarify your authentic brand message. Rather than trying to predict what people want and catering to that, we go deep within to discover your essence, what makes you unique and wildly attractive to your perfect customers.

Then we collaborate to determine the best ways to project your essence to the world, the words and imagery that conjure up the emotional and intellectual experience of you. These become the foundation for your unique brand message and image.

Finally we create online marketing tools like websites, blogs, and social media pages that consistently broadcast your new brand to the world.

At 10 a.m. Pacific Time on Tuesday, January 17, Ms. Stege will deliver an online presentation to celebrate the launch of her new brand. Entitled 6 Steps to Creating and Launching Your Wildly Attractive Brand, the complimentary webinar will address the processes Stege uses to create unique and compelling brands that attract perfect customers. To learn more and register visit

About Julia D. Stege, MFA, The Magical Marketer

Julia D. Stege, MFA is an award-winning Branding and Website Designer, Internet Marketing Consultant, Speaker, Writer and Strategic Attraction CoachTM. Julia founded to help conscious entrepreneurs attract their perfect customers through beautiful and effective marketing pieces combined with the powerful Law of Attraction. Julia has art directed such noted projects as the branding, product and restaurant design for Californias Raw Food Chain Caf

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