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After Wishing on a Star, The Jammie Award Goes to Goodnighties Recovery Sleepwear

Highland Park, IL (PRWEB) February 08, 2012

Move over Grammys this year a new award The Jammie has just taken 1st place for outstanding achievement in the sleep industry. Goodnighties has become an overnight success and is overtaking the prescription world by storm. This amazing sleepwear is most popular in the pajama category with gowns running a close second. Women everywhere are singing praises about the amazing high-tech fabric used in creating Goodnighties.

In November 2011, ABC News Anchor, Diane Sawyer announced that 30% of women are taking serious prescription medication to sleep. These are alarming numbers that also connect to our already weak economy in the way of lost productivity due to insomnia. According to findings published in the Journal of Sleep, researchers from Harvard Medical School and University of Michigan determined that less alert workers cost an employer an average of $ 2,777 per person adding to the annual calculated productivity loss of $ 63 billion. It was also noted in the study that a high percentage of sleepy workers show up for work but are not nearly as productive as their rested peers resulting in costly errors or accidents.

Goodnighties is brilliantly poised to challenge old ideas of pills and expensive mattresses with smart-fabric technology that stimulates blood flow to tired muscles to then promote better sleep. Many find muscle pain relief as an added benefit. Additionally, this remarkable fabric also moisture-wicks to control night sweats and regulate body temperature + its anti-microbial to resist odor.

Better sleep is a global issue affecting womens health and the volume of accolades for Goodnighties is rising. This week the United Kingdoms Womens Own magazine reviewer, Joanne Lester enthusiastically announced, it worked! I didnt wake up in the night drenched in sweat and needing to throw off the duvet. The fabric absorbed the sweat of a flush and banished the chills that follow one.

An exciting twilight star has been earned for Goodnighties on the Sleep Walk of Fame. So far this sleepwear is made for women with a crowd pleasing request for a mens line which will be announced in the spring.

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