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Science, Consciousness and Well-Being to Be Explored on Day 2 of Chopra Foundation Symposium March 35, 2012

Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) February 22, 2012

The Chopra Foundation is excited to announce the speakers and topics planned for the morning of the second day of the three-day Sages and Scientists Symposium taking place in Carlsbad, California March 35, 2012. The distinguished assemblage of speakers, which includes retired General Wesley Clark and former President of Mexico Vicente Fox, are gathering to publicly discuss some of the greatest questions facing mankind.

The speakers who will explore the greater questions of science, consciousness and well-being Sunday morning are:


Fred Kuttner Einstein, Bell, and Spooky Action at a Distance
Bruce Rosenblum, Ph.D. The Quantum Two-Slit Experiment, Physical Reality, and Free Will
Lothar Sch

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