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QNAP Announces Multimedia Application Support with Sony PSP & Nokia N95 on its All-in-One NAS Series

(PRWEB) November 6, 2007

The leading network-attached storage provider QNAP Systems, Inc. announced two multimedia applications with gaming consoles and mobile phones. Users can use their Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) as a portable music player by connecting to the QNAP NAS in the wireless home network and playing the music files on the server. In addition, users can use the DLNA Control Point function of Nokia N95 handset to remotely control the DLNA media playing function of QNAP NAS wirelessly. The video, images, and music can be controlled by the handset and played on TV or Hi-Fi system via DLNA compliant media players. QNAP TS-109 and TS-209 series are multi-functional home storage servers which adopt high performance and power-saving Linux-embedded design. These NAS series support built-in TwonkyMedia server with DLNA compliant and web-based RSS music sharing. Other powerful functions are provided including PC-less BitTorrent download, iTunes music server, web server, and built-in web album, etc. Besides reliable storage and backup, QNAP NASes enable users to establish an easy-to-share multimedia sharing center in their home network.

According to Mr. Andy Chou, Product Manager of the QNAP, "Our NASes adopt the newest high-speed embedded 500MHz CPU and 128MB DDRII memory. This outstanding hardware and software integration has surpassed other entry-level NAS models in the market. Users can benefit both from high-speed data transfer and many fascinating features. For example, the built-in iTunes Server for music sharing, PHP web server with MySQL and SQLite, FTP server for convenient data sharing, and RAID server for data redundancy. We believe our multi-functional NAS series will deliver exceptional value to our users."

About QNAP TS-109 and TS-209 All-in-one NAS Server series

QNAP TS-109 series supports up to 1TB single SATA hard drive. The total storage capacity can be expanded to 2TB with an external eSATA or USB drive. With the unique fanless design and aluminum alloy case, the noiseless TS-109 is ideal for operation in digital home environment. Moreover, the power consumption rate of TS-109 is less than 14.4W under normal operation. This energy-saving design enables the server to run 24x7 non stop. TS-109 series supports 12-in-1 complete functions and high transfer performance. It has already received worldwide awards, including "Power Tip" from Chip (Poland), "Editors Choice" from Hardware-Mag (Germany), "Top Product" from PC Games Hardware (Germany), "Editor Choice" from Personal Computer World (UK), "Lord of NAS" from Hexus (UK), and "Golden Bear Award" from Bjorn3D (US), "Editor's Choice" from APC (Australia), and "Best Buy" award from PC World, etc.

QNAP TS-209 series was released in August 2007. It is the only 2-bay, RAID 1, hot-swappable NAS model in the current SOHO NAS market. With 12-in-1 functions, the maximum storage capacity supported is 2TB. TS-209 is an ideal large-storage and high security solution for home, SOHO, and SMB users.

Applications and Operation

For information about how to use QNAP Turbo Station with PSP and N95, please refer to .

For the specifications and features of QNAP TS-101/201/109/209 series, please visit QNAP web site You can also visit QNAP forum to join the discussion regarding how to enjoy more applications of QNAP NAS. .


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