Managed File Transfer Solution GoAnywhere Director 4.0 Released

Omaha, Nebraska (PRWEB) January 04, 2012

GoAnywhere Director, a Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution from Linoma Software, has received several major enhancements with the latest 4.0 release. GoAnywhere Director is used by organizations around the world to automate and secure file transfers with their customers, trading partners and enterprise servers using standard protocols like SFTP, SCP, FTP/S, HTTP/S, Open PGP and AS2.

GoAnywhere Director version 4.0 includes the following features:

Enhanced Job Controls Customers now have more control over their workflows with the ability to more easily route processing based on user-defined conditions. For instance, if a trading partners SFTP server is still not available after several auto-retry attempts, a failover SFTP server could be tried in the workflow, or message alerts can be sent to one or more support personnel.

Advanced Functions More than 30 functions are now available for manipulating file names, database values and other objects, as well as performing mathematical calculations. These functions can be utilized within IF conditions and expressions in workflows. Strings can be concatenated together, sub-stringed, trimmed and more. For instance, functions could be used to build unique file names by combining constants, dates and sequential numbers. A graphical wizard is available to allow customers to quickly choose functions and variables to build complex expressions.

Custom Add-Ons With version 4.0, partners and customers can build their own custom add-on tasks to seamlessly plug into GoAnywhere Director workflows. For instance, a custom task could be built to extract data from the customers in-house ERP system using a special protocol or message format. This custom task could be called at any point in the workflow with user-defined parameters. This approach, versus calling external programs, will keep all the business processes tightly integrated for cohesive execution and centralized logging.

Holiday Calendars for Scheduling Users can now define calendars to indicate non-working days such as holidays and weekends. Scheduled secure file transfers and other jobs can be linked to these custom calendars to skip processing on those non-working days.

GoAnywhere Director allows for remote administration and monitoring from any Web browser. The latest release includes several enhancements to the interface as well, such as making it easier to copy, move and search workflows. You can also quickly view the last execution times of workflows within their folders.

This new 4.0 release definitely takes managed file transfer up to the next level for our enterprise customers, says Bob Luebbe Chief Architect. With GoAnywhere Directors advanced functions and expressions, custom add-ons and better job controls, customers can replace most of the scripts and programs they traditionally used for moving and processing files.

About Linoma Software

Founded in 1994, Linoma Software provides innovative technologies for managed file transfer and data encryption solutions. Linoma Software has a diverse install base of more than 3,000 customers around the world including Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and government entities.

Linoma Software offers the GoAnywhere suite of managed file transfer solutions for the enterprise that can be installed on almost any platform, use all standard protocols, and facilitate administration through an intuitive, browser-based dashboard. Visit for more information or to download a free trial.

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