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GM Voices Announces Web Audio Services for Business

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (PRWEB) February 28, 2012

GM Voices, the worlds largest producer of professionally-recorded voice prompts for automated technologies, has announced a new suite of Web audio services designed to enrich the browsing experience of business Web sites.

The announcement follows a challenge issued to marketers and webmasters to make their Web presence more engaging.

With business video, social media, animation, and Flash- and Motion-enhanced tutorials, the tools are there to tell a great story in the online marketplace. But especially in the business-to-business arena, too many companies are falling behind the engagement curvedoing new media poorly, or standing on the sideline altogether. With GM Voices Web voice services, its never been easier to get it right.

For elevating the quality and appeal of online tools, nothing makes as much of a difference as a professionally-recorded voice narration. Its an essential component thats also surprisingly economical.

With the rise of YouTube and other streaming video sites, more companies than ever are producing videos and presentations for the Web, said Marcus Graham, CEO of GM Voices. But so many sound like they were recorded by Glenda, the companys stenographer. For real impact, you have to use an actor who can tell your story in a way that resonates with the viewer.

From a recording session-ready script, GM Voices produces high-quality audio files for use on marketing or educational toolsbusiness video, tutorials, corporate animation, computer-based training (CBT) and e-Learning demonstrations. Female and male voice actors of all sounds and styles are offered, and with studio relationships spanning the globe, more than 100 languages and dialects are available.

As they make inroads in international markets, our clients depend on our translation and localization services to adapt their story into something that will connect with the local market. Professional voices help companies speak in a brand-consistent way with local market credibility anywhere in the world, said Graham.

After receiving ready-to-load sound files, a corporate Web developer can use the audio to add clarity to any Web video or multimedia, either a first-time production or as a dub to an existing presentation. While audio production is a core competency, GM Voices also handles the visual side for many customers, dubbing or subtitling a Web or video production, or even scripting, producing and editing a wholly original project.

A Web site that looks nice is no longer enough to inspire action in the marketplace, said Graham. It needs to stand apart from competitors with unique, engaging content that looks great, sounds great, and tells a clear, convincing story. For companies of any industry, GM Voices is helping them get noticed more than ever before.

To learn more about GM Voices new media expertise, reference its business storytelling resources for voice narration and creative business video.

About GM Voices

Since 1985, GM Voices, Inc. has emerged as the global leader in professionallyrecorded voice, language localization, persona development and Voice Branding solutions for Fortune 1000 corporations worldwide. Dozens of voice actors record in their studios each week, providing clients a consistent voice for any application. More than 100 languages and dialects are offered. GM Voices invented the term and concept of Voice Branding, a singlevoice customer experience consistent with a companys brand image. For more information, visit


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