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TradeTech Introduces Mid-Term Uranium Price Indicator

TradeTech Introduces Mid-Term Uranium Price Indicator

Denver, CO (PRWEB) July 2, 2009

TradeTech began publishing a new Mid-Term Uranium Oxide (U3O8) Price Indicator on June 30, 2009, to reflect the evolution of the international uranium market, which today includes three separate and distinct markets--the traditional spot and long-term markets, as well as a recently adapted market for mid-term transactions.

"The Mid-Term U3O8 Price Indicator applies to transactions where deliveries begin immediately beyond the 12-month spot delivery window and occur within one to two years from that point, as either stand-alone agreements or as part of longer-term contracts," said TradeTech President Treva Klingbiel. The new monthly price indicator is based on typical terms and conditions being offered and accepted in today's market, such as payment terms, escalation factors, contract quantities and durations, quantity flexibilities, and delivery locations. It is not relevant to transactions that are market-escalated, cost of production-related, nor reflect any other pricing mechanisms that are not base-escalated.

"TradeTech has never presumed that a single price indicator could mirror all of the various prices for U3O8 negotiated worldwide. However, the market continues to evolve and today's buyers and sellers are accepting more highly differentiated pricing terms and conditions for mid-term or intermediate uranium deliveries," Klingbiel explained.

"All of TradeTech's Price Indicators are meant to relate to transactions in the mainstream of the world market; that is, transactions that are free from significant governmental restrictions or interference and a participant's desire to obtain or avoid certain aspects of a transaction, such as specific origins of material and litigation settlements," Klingbiel added.

The new Mid-Term U3O8 Price Indicator will be published in the month-end "Nuclear Market Review," together with TradeTech's monthly Market Values and Long-Term Price Indicators.

TradeTech defines its Mid-Term U3O8 Price Indicator as the company's judgment of the base price at which transactions for mid-term or intermediate delivery of natural uranium concentrates could be concluded as of the last day of the month, for transactions in which the price at the time of delivery would be an escalation of the base price from a previous point in time.

TradeTech publishes the "Nuclear Market Review" (NMR) each Friday evening, which reports the weekly uranium spot market price, uranium trading activity, industry news, and market data. The monthly edition of the NMR, published on the last day of each month, includes TradeTech Market Values (Exchange Value, UF6 Value, Loan Rate, Conversion Value, SWU Value, and Transaction Value) and Mid- and Long-Term Price Indicators, as well as analysis related to these price determinations, supply/demand information, and industry news. TradeTech also publishes "The Nuclear Review," a monthly trade publication dedicated to the international uranium and nuclear energy industry.

TradeTech, and its predecessor companies-NUEXCO Information Services, CONCORD Information Services, and CONCORD Trading Company-has supported the uranium and nuclear fuel cycle industry for more than 40 years, and is widely recognized for its expertise in trading activities and its comprehensive knowledge of the technical, economic and political factors affecting this industry. TradeTech provides expert market consulting, participates in the buying and selling of uranium products and services, and maintains an extensive information database on these industries.

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