STAR News Buys Beehive’s Real-time 3D Graphics Automation Solution, Wasp’3D™

STAR News Buys Beehive’s Real-time 3D Graphics Automation Solution, Wasp’3D™

(PRWEB) July 17, 2005

Delhi PRWEB) July 17, 2005 — Wasp’3D™ – an advanced real-time 3D graphics solution, has helped STAR Ananda go on-air and achieve great viewer response with the unique three dimensional look and feel, advanced digital effects and virtual simulations and 3D graphics generated by Wasp’3D™.

Unlimited Creative Tools and Applications – Without a Plug-in

Wasp’3D™ can create real-time 3D graphics at the click of a button. It enables virtual simulation depicting any event such as accident, hijack, cyclone, earthquake within minutes without the help of an expert designer. The unique ‘Programmable Palette (PGP) Technology’ developed by Beehive is available only with Wasp’3D™. The PgP technology provides the designer the flexibility and power to create infinite materials and textures by mixing and blending four texture types with each other in a variety of ways. This in turn incredibly expands the creative possibilities for an artist as he can easily create an original texture or a material without getting restricted. The PgP technology can also blend Bitmaps (images); Video (live and off-the disk); and DDS textures (Direct Draw Surface) and further expand the canvas of the artist to experiment and create something out-of-the-box.

Futuristic DirectX© Technology

Wasp’3D™is based on Microsoft’s© DirectX© technology which is going to be Microsoft’s focus area in the future. This makes Wasp’3D™ future-proofed in the product life cycle as upgrading to the next level is a mere change of the graphics hardware device with the latest software drivers.

DirectX© is also the platform on which the multibillion dollar gaming industry depends on.

Integration with Newsroom Systems

Wasp’3D™ ™ facilitates seamless integration with existing newsroom systems such as iNEWS and ENPS with the help of Wasp’3D™ MOS ActiveX©. It allows full Unicode support, including languages that use complex scripts. Since it runs on powerful enterprise level MS-SQL©-based database, content sharing across the Wasp’3D™ network becomes easy. Wasp’3D™ imports objects from major off-the shelf 3D software via the X-file loader. The Wasp’3D™ SDK is available to developers to build components for enhancement. Wasp also provides multi-language support. Users can choose to work with C#; VB.Net or JScript.Net

Wasp’3D™ enables multiple graphics events to run simultaneously on screen. The graphics events include crawls/tickers, animated station logos, multiple video insertions, lower thirds, animated 3D elements, supers, bugs, and more. Wasp’3D™ also allows on-air graphics to be linked to live data sources. Data can be instantly updated even while the programme is on-air.

Speaking on the STAR News win, Beehive’s Vice President, Business Development, Mr. Ajay Pal Singh said, “Wasp’3D™ being chosen by such a reputed and respected broadcast station like STAR News, speaks volumes about the credibility of this real-time 3D graphics solution. We are very proud at this win and strongly believe that Wasp’3D™ has the potential to change the face of broadcasting in national and regional television stations in India and outside.”

Specialized Modules

Wasp’3D™comes with specialized modules that perform specific tasks. It is ideal for multiple applications like newsroom graphics, business graphics, real-time elections analysis presentation, sports data presentation, weather graphics, virtual simulation and sets, automated multi-zone information display, event-based 3D graphics presentation and post-production facilities for custom video-effects.

About Beehive Systems:

Beehive Systems (http: is a global leader in developing cutting-edge broadcast solutions meant to provide superior returns on the client’s investment. Our portfolio of end-to-end solutions is designed to deliver out-of-the-ordinary results in real-time 3D and 2D graphics, newsgathering, digital newsroom, interactive TV and digital logging and archiving.

With 15 years of broadcast expertise and a commitment to deliver maximum value to our clients, Beehive is the most respected name with international broadcasters like CNBC, Fox-promoted STAR News, KTRK, ESPN, Sony MAX, Astro, SCTV and many more. Beehive is the winner of the prestigious ‘Nasscom IT Innovation Award’ for 2004.

About STAR News:

STAR NEWS (belonging to the Star group of companies) offers viewers 24-hour Hindi news that is relevant to today’s Indians. It covers the full spectrum of news ranging from politics to business, investigative reports to consumer issues, crime to the environment. Reporting news as it happens in India and with links to international news agencies, STAR NEWS keeps viewers across India fully informed and engaged. STAR NEWS is available in the following markets: Europe / India / Middle East / The Philippines / Thailand


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