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Speed and Reliability Key for Jomble?s Broadband for Business

Speed and Reliability Key for Jomble’s Broadband for Business

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(PRWeb UK) August 18, 2010

While other companies may look like they provide a broadband for business only service, they are always (without exception, and yes that does mean all the big famous ones) piggybacking on domestic broadband routes, sharing file space and truncating the efficiency of their up and download speeds. Jomble, on the other hand, have sequestered their very own network of broadband cable, which is used only by Jomble customers. Even that use is limited, with a 20:1 ratio applied across the Jomble network at any one time. In practical terms, that means that every company using Jomble’s broadband for business facility is guaranteed to share their portion of the network with a maximum of 19 others. The big name business broadband providers hike that ratio to 50:1.

It’s this kind of focus on superb usability that is making Jomble move quickly to the head of its class. What the company has done is simple enough, though in this day and age of crammed networks and despotic companies it seems like something of a wild idea: deliver a broadband service that actually works to its full potential for every customer, all the time. Crazy, but certainly worth a try – and boy, has it worked.

Let’s look at some of Jomble’s key selling points. First in line, the thing every broadband user looks for (usually in vain) from their broadband for business service. Speed. Jomble promise a staggering 24 MBps download, and an excellent 1.3 MBps upload. Not to mention their monumentally generous 60GB per month usage allowance. That’s more than enough to run a medium sized company. In addition, Jomble customers receive a free domain name (always useful); a free fixed IP address; 50 email accounts; and a guaranteed spot on a business only network. That means no more howlingly painful “slow up” times, when the rest of the UK’s population is busy ordering shoes. When you’re on a business only network (and you won’t be, if you’re using popular business broadband providers), you get uninterrupted speed, all day, every day.

Providing broadband for business ought to be a priority service, tailored to the increasingly harried needs of one’s customers. Jomble, apparently, are the only business broadband service to have recognised this. Excellent news for Jomble customers, who really are receiving the kind of broadband accessibility everyone else can only pretend to give – not so great for all the other businesses, tied in to appallingly long contracts and forced to watch their daily download speeds get slower and slower as more non-business applications are rammed into their area of the cable.

The question, then, has to be asked: how long is it before all these suffering business make a concerted attempt to switch to Jomble as their business broadband providers? And when they do, what’s going to happen? On ehas to wonder, with a mission statement including this 20:1 occupancy ratio, what Jomble will actually do when the dam bursts.

Jomble is a new business broadband provider, whose single price tariff allows all users access to incredible monthly usage limits and super fast speed.


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