Ryan Screen Printing blends traditional Midwestern labor with global sourcing.

Ryan Screen Printing blends traditional Midwestern labor with global sourcing.

(PRWEB) July 12, 2004

For small businesses to compete in a global marketplace they need to act fast, remain agile, and know what their strengths are. Ryan Screen Printing has managed to grow its revenue, client base, and profit by focusing on rapid prototyping, small run production, and off-shore sourcing. The membrane switch and graphic panel manufacturing sector has seen many jobs go to China in the last decade. Instead of succumbing to the foreign pricing pressures on long run jobs Ryan Screen Printing has embraced foreign pricing as a competitive advantage. Often times clients like to use small local manufacturers of membrane switches and graphic panels early in the design process of new products so that they can remain in constant contact with the manufacturer and get quick changes when needed. Rapid prototyping and early production runs often have redesign needs which are best accomplished by a local supplier where communication is key. However, in the past, many of Ryan Screen Printing’s clients would price compare before committing to longer runs and often go off-shore with a new supplier. To combat this problem, Ryan Screen Printing has partnered with several Asian suppliers in a successful effort to retain customers. By keeping early production in-house and perfecting the manufacturing technique Ryan Screen Printing can be customer focused and dedicated to expensive and less profitable early product design. As the product becomes more of a mass commodity Ryan Screen Printing can remain price competitive by utilizing off-shore partners. The added benefit for the client is that if there are ever problems with the off-shore source or extra product is needed there remains a local source that has experience with the product and also has the tooling and project history files to quickly ramp up production.

Ryan Screen Printing, located in Milwaukee, WI, has produced membrane switches, graphic panels, nameplates, and graphic overlays for over 40 years. Ryan Screen Printing currently works with Fortune 500 companies and small start-ups. For more information, please visit our website at http://www.ryanscreenprinting.com, or alternately call us at (414)546-4417. Media contacts should be addressed to mike.ryan@ryanscreenprinting.com.

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