RiverHawkGames.com Introduces Haven for Latest and Classic PC Video Games

RiverHawkGames.com Introduces Haven for Latest and Classic PC Video Games

Bloomington, CA (Vocus) July 8, 2010

Web entrepreneur Antonio Carrillo is pleased to announce the publication of his brand-new website, RiverHawkGames.com. Launched a few short months ago, the web store was developed to provide a premium selection of video games designed for PC use. With an extensive array of new releases and classics, the website is sure to satisfy every gamer with a passion for PC games.

“The idea behind the development of our company was to provide PC gamers with the ultimate selection of new and out-of-season games. Most major enterprises – like Best Buy and Costco – only hold onto PC games for one season (3 months), which makes it difficult for gamers to track down certain games. Fortunately, this is where our business strategy comes into play as we provide a selection of PC games that date back to 1995,” Carrillo said.

At RiverHawkGames.com, shoppers are invited to browse a premium selection of newly released and classic PC games that encompass 13 universal categories: driving/racing, action adventure, arcade, game shows, puzzle solving, real time strategy, sports, strategy, role playing, simulation, first-person shooters, mass multiplayer online and virtual board games.

“Currently, we carry more than 500 video games and, before this coming holiday season, we hope to introduce popular gaming consoles such as Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PSP, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi and Nintendo Wii,” Carrillo said.

He also encourages gamers who tend to play console games to try PC games because they provide players with a variety of enhancement features that are not available on other systems. The computer games must be installed directly into the RAM, which enables players to tweak the gaming graphics or experience new levels.

To learn more about the specific products available at RiverHawkGames.com, shoppers are prompted to visit the website’s newly formulated blog, http://www.2GamersBlog.com. This interactive platform will also be used to provide elaborate descriptions of each of the 13 gaming categories, highlighting various games within each facet.

Don’t miss the website’s game requests page, which allows shoppers to provide feedback about the site’s current selection as well as request specific games that may not be listed.

RiverHawkGames.com, delivering a magnitude of virtual experiences for gamers nationwide!

About the Company:

RiverHawkGames.com is owned and operated by gaming enthusiasts and web entrepreneurs, Meridith Menchaca and Antonio Carrillo.

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