Portable Air Conditioner Standard Set by KwiKool

Portable Air Conditioner Standard Set by KwiKool

Los Alamitos, CA (PRWEB) September 9, 2004

More and more businesses are using computers for their business needs. More and more buildings are shutting down their air at night and on the weekends. This means that their server farms or telecom equipment can run the risk of overheating.

Computer Power Solutions, Inc. of Los Alamitos, California has announced a cost-effective product for those businesses in need of cool air. The KwiKool Portable Air Conditioner promises to cool down almost any room faster and more efficiently than other portable air conditioners.

Patricia Miller, Data Processing Manager of an ISP, says, “We had a 2-ton spot cooler in our server room. This unit ran continuously and never caught up. It stayed over 85°F all the time. Our contractor installed a KwiKool 2-ton Strategic Air Center, and it started cycling after about 10 minutes of running. Our room has never been the same.”

With KwiKool Portable Air Conditioner’s exclusive I/O Integral Condenser System™, air from an outside source is brought in to cool the unit’s condenser. Then the hot air is returned to an outside source. This major technological breakthrough completely isolates the condenser section from the conditioned space, and makes the KwiKool Portable Air Conditioner more effective than other spot air conditioners. This simply has to do with how spot systems work.

Spot coolers cool their condensers by utilizing cold air from the same room the unit is trying to cool. This creates a negative pressure in the room which sucks in dust, dirt, and hot air from under doors, and cracks in the ceiling tile. This vacuum effect is a very poor environment for any type of equipment. Because these types of units use room air to cool their condensers, their effective capacity is greatly reduced versus “true” portable air conditioners.

Not only can the KwiKool Portable Air Conditioner supplement an existing air source, but it is also practical as a primary air source. In a situation where the needs of a permanently installed air source would not justify the cost, or where the air only needs to be cooled for a short time, a portable air conditioner such as the KwiKool Portable Air Conditioner becomes highly beneficial.

Computer Power Solutions offers the KwiKool Portable Air Conditioner in various models, including a 120,000 BTU that can fit through a standard doorway. Because of its portability, the unit becomes an effective solution to just about any room’s temperature needs. From office buildings to manufacturing facilities, warehouses to hospitals, and server rooms at ISPs, the KwiKool Portable Air Conditioner can quickly and efficiently cool down almost any room, fast.

To receive free information on the KwiKool Portable Air Conditioner, visit the KwiKool website at http://www.computerpowersolutions.com/kwikool.htm and at http://www.computerpowersolutions.com/about04.htm .

About Computer Power Solutions

Computer Power Solutions, Inc (CPS) specializes in solutions to improve communications and provide the total solutions for uninterruptible power, remote computer controls, and other related requirements for the smallest LAN center up to a command center of server farms and glass houses. Founded in 1985, CPS has grown with the computer industry and specializes in power distribution, motor generators, portable air conditioners, uninterruptible power and computer room design. With sales engineers who have more than 50 combined years of experience analyzing, defining and recommending solutions, CPS has an impressive customer base of companies including Hughes Aircraft, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, US West Communications, Internal Revenue Service, Mercury Insurance, City of Fontana and St. Joseph Hospital, among others.

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