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OMG! Where are my photos? fbDownloader – Download Your Facebook Photos Before Disaster Strikes

OMG! Where are my photos? fbDownloader - Download Your Facebook Photos Before Disaster Strikes

Where are my photos???

Los Angels, CA (PRWEB) June 07, 2011

Photos that only exist online on Facebook – despite the site’s proven track record of stability – are still vulnerable to unexpected loss or deletion. It’s important for everyone to consider just how many photos and memories they’d stand to lose if their profiles – or even a friend’s – were suddenly wiped off of the face of the internet.

Few realize just how vulnerable their precious photos are when they upload them to third party websites like Facebook. That’s precisely why the new and easy to use fbDownloader app was created – to help anyone and everyone preserve their photos before it’s too late. Simply put, fbDownloader allows any Facebook user to download Facebook photos – from their own photos, to tagged pictures of themselves and even their friends’ albums – and then save them safely on a computer hard drive or back up disk.

Everyone’s Photos Are Vulnerable Online

Before brushing off this potential problem by assuming it doesn’t apply to them, it’s important that everyone ask themselves:

    “Is the internet the only place where some of my favorite photos are actually saved?”
    “Has one of my or one of my friends’ email or social networking accounts ever been hacked?”
    “How often have I taken a photo with my cell phone, uploaded it to Facebook and then promptly deleted it from my phone without first downloading it to a computer hard drive?”
    “How many photos of me have been tagged by friends and family that aren’t saved on my computer?”

In this day and age, everyone has seen at least one friend’s or colleague’s account get hacked, if not our own. Even the most protected computer and security conscious web surfer is vulnerable to some sort of attack. What’s more, the servers and software that make our favorite photo hosting and social networking sites run are also potential targets to online pirates.

The fact is, for those who haven’t properly backed up all of their Facebook photos with a service like fbDownloader, their memories could be gone in an instant – never to be seen again.

About fbDownloader:

fbDownloader is a free and easy to use application available directly on Facebook and at The application allows any Facebook user to instantly download Facebook photos from their own account and from their friends’ accounts and albums, including tagged photos. fbDownloader works across multiple computing platforms and offers a number of options, including the ability to download photos in black and white versus color.

For more information, please visit

fbDownloader is in no way associated with Facebook®



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