Norwalk Mayor Applauds AbTech Industries Smart Sponge

Norwalk Mayor Applauds AbTech Industries Smart Sponge® Technology

Norwalk, CT (PRWEB) January 10, 2008

Local and federal officials are lauding the findings of a study of a two-year, federally-funded stormwater filter project in Norwalk aimed at blocking oil, bacteria and trash from entering Long Island Sound.

The study, conducted by AbTech’s Distributor, Longo and Longo and the City of Norwalk, showed that the equivalent of 1,200 gallons of oil and 19 tons of trash were captured by the AbTech Industries’ Smart Sponge® Plus filtration systems installed in 275 key storm drains in south Norwalk.

“We’ve been searching for over a decade for a cost-effective method of stormwater treatment to protect Norwalk Harbor and Long Island Sound, and we’ve found it with this technology,” said Norwalk Mayor, Richard A. Moccia. “The results speak for themselves.”

The filter project involved fitting catch basins in south Norwalk with AbTech Industries’ Smart Sponge® Plus filtration system to catch trash and pollutants before entering the Harbor and Sound. In addition to blocking trash and absorbing oil, the Smart Sponge® Plus system contains an antimicrobial agent that destroys E Coli and other bacteria and fungi.

“The Soundkeeper Organization was not only delighted with the results of the pilot and how the project has impacted the health and utility of the Long Island Sound but is extremely pleased to be working with such a forward thinking mayor such as Mayor Moccia and the City of Norwalk,” said Executive Director of the Soundkeepers, Terry Backer.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) was instrumental in getting the program funded through the US Environmental Protection Agency. The Norwalk filtration project is the largest federally-funded program of its kind.

“I’m excited about the leading role that Connecticut has taken to protect our beautiful Sound from stormwater pollution,” Lieberman said. “Mayor Moccia sets the bar as a leader who recognizes the importance of protecting our environment and taking the right steps to do so.

Glenn Rink, President of Scottsdale, AZ-based AbTech Industries, applauded Moccia and Lieberman for shepherding through the stormwater treatment project. “The results of the project are a testament to the dedication of the Mayor and Senator and to the effectiveness of the Smart Sponge® technology,” Rink said.

About AbTech Industries

AbTech Industries, based in Scottsdale, AZ, is a problem-solving company that provides customized clean water solutions to meet specific community and industry needs. To combat nonpoint source water pollution, AbTech developed the Smart Sponge®, a patented technology that effectively removes pollutants from stormwater. By integrating this Smart Sponge® technology into all of its products, AbTech has created a truly distinctive line of stormwater management products that overcome limitations experienced with traditional sorbent products.

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