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No Trail E Mail? Introduces Automatic Self-Destructing Email

No Trail E Mail™ Introduces Automatic Self-Destructing Email

Self Destructing, Encrypted e-mail,
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Anaconda MT (PRWEB) May 31, 2011

No Trail E Mail™ provides the only true self-deleting encrypted e-mail service on the internet. Other services may claim to have "self-deleting" email programs, but share a fatal technical flaw; they don't actually delete the messages at all. They may encrypt the message, and perhaps avoid the network sever in sending the message, but the messages may still exist on the sender’s, recipient’s, and the server’s computer. The only things that are deleted are the encryption keys. A skilled computer forensics technician will be able to recover such messages, using no more sophisticated methods than are used to recover other "deleted" files.

Medical and legal documents have been hacked, compromising individual’s confidential information. People have been fired, sued, arrested, divorced, or have been embarrassed by friends and co-workers from e-mails that have surfaced, either by hackers or subpoenas. Every day the news media reports that someone's e-mail has surfaced and initiated legal problems or embarrassment.

No Trail E Mail’s™ patent pending process deletes the e-mail after a specific time, in hours or days, or after the e-mail is opened by the recipient. After deleting the message on the No Trail E Mail™ server, it is overwritten several times within one hour. It is physically impossible to retrieve the e-mail because it is not there. This “electronic shredding” is the only method to eliminate the original message and attachments. This prevents hackers or subpoenas from retrieving any e-mail sent by No Trail E Mail™. This is an ideal method for sending confidential or secret documents that must be sent via e-mail.

Should the encrypted e-mail be sent to the wrong e-mail address, it cannot be opened by the wrong party. Additionally, when the sender closes the browser, everything that was typed on the sender’s computer is immediately obliterated. Even if the computer should fall into someone else's hands, there is absolutely no trace of anything to recover. The e-mail is never stored on the computer's hard drive. No further encryption techniques are needed to secure the message, due to No Trail E Mail™ innovative proprietary programming procedure. For more information please go to:

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