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MyTechSupport Provides New Ultra-Low Cost Live Sales and Support Agents Service for Small Websites.

MyTechSupport Provides New Ultra-Low Cost Live Sales and Support Agents Service for Small Websites.

(PRWEB) May 5, 2004

In Provo, Utah, the heart of Silicon Canyon, MyTechSupport recently launched a human operated, live click-to-chat sales and support agents service for small business websites—a long-awaited solution for smaller businesses. While there might be a variety of click-to-chat software packages available, MyTechSupport offers the first people-powered version for small business; but what really makes this so amazing is that the service starts at about the same price as your home internet connection—quite an offer for small businesses who might be as small as one-man and whose annual revenue might be well under $ 20,000. Considering the fact that to hire employees part-time or full-time to sit behind a computer and answer occasional requests typically might cost a small business several thousand dollars per month, MyTechSupport provides a much more reasonable solution for a fraction of the cost—starting in the neighborhood of $ 50 to $ 100 per month.

The process is relatively simple. For example, a company we will call WidgetMakers, provides product and website information to MyTechSupport, then MyTechSupport turns around and trains its own employees about WidgetMakers products. Next, MyTechSupport places a click-to-chat button on WidgetMakers website Anyone who then visits can click-to-chat and immediately chat with a MyTechSupport employee (representing WidgetMakers of course).

Unanswerable questions can be forwarded on to WidgetMakers. This can even work for larger multi-million dollar companies who want to streamline their process, and increase systems efficiency as MyTechSupport offers additional support system solutions.

Having someone to watch over and represent your company’s online store all day is simply a web service that has been waiting to happen. Joe Nelson of Airwired, a wireless Utah-based ISP, noted that “using MyTechSupport services has allowed us at Airwired to focus our attention on other aspects of our business, as well as let us work on the road more. They took care of a lot of first-level support issues that really would have consumed our precious time, and they helped us to increase our sales as well—and it was several times cheaper than paying a typical support outsourcing company to do it all.” Besides increasing online sales and improving support resource options, adding the click-to-chat feature also increases the professional image of a website and increases the site’s usability, and visitor return rate.

MyTechSupport, Inc. is also a full-service website development company, offering everything from simple web-design, hosting, and ecommerce to student information systems, process management systems, and custom application development. To see this program in action, just visit MyTechSupport’s website at

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