Living History Flying Event to Feature Fighters of the Red Star

Living History Flying Event to Feature Fighters of the Red Star

Chino, CA (PRWEB) June 19, 2010

Fighters of the Red Star, the story of the Russian air war against Germany during World War II, will be the subject of the Living History Flying Event hosted by Planes of Fame Air Museum at the Chino Airport on Saturday, September 4, 2010. The event will begin at 10:00 a.m. with a seminar describing the air war on the Eastern Front and the YAK-3 fighter plane, one of the most effective Russian combat aircraft of World War II, and conclude with a flight demonstration by the Planes of Fame Air Museum’s YAK-3U.

A story little known in the West, the air war on the Eastern Front during World War II was one of intense, unrelenting combat form the first day of the German invasion of Mother Russia until the war came to a conclusion in the streets of Berlin. Initially plagued with inferior combat aircraft an dpoor training, Russian aviators nevertheless fought with greet courage and dedication, sometimes even resorting to ramming Greman aircraft in the air while desperately trying to defeat the enemy.

Although the German Luftwaffe actually out-scored the Russians, the Russians were able to overwhelm the Germans with strength of numbers, helped to some extent by the supply of equipment from the United States and Britain, and Sheer determination. Unlike their Allied counterparts in the West, Russian aviators seldom received breaks from combat. So, many of those who did survive were able to run up high individual scores in air-to-air combat.

An independent, non-profit institution dedicated to the preservation of the artifacts and history of aviation, Planes of Fame Air Museum was the first permanent air museum in the American West and a pioneer in the concept of restoring historic display aircraft like the Yak-3 to flying condition. Staffed primarily by a core of dedicated volunteers, the museum supports its operations with admission fees, donations, facilities rentals and proceeds from the use of its aircraft in various productions.

Planes of Fame Air Museum also has a special membership program available to the public, with one of the privileges of membership being the opportunity to experience orientation flights in genuine warbirds. At each monthly Living History Flying Event, members in attendance can have their names entered into a drawing for a free warbird orientation flight. Planes of Fame Air Museum is open to the public every day, except Christmas and Thanksgiving, from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. General admission is $ 11, youngsters 5-11 are admitted for $ 4 and admission is free for accompanied children under five. For more information, please call (909)597-7576; or visit the Planes of Fame Air Museum website at


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