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Link Maker Speeds Software Development — Buttons Made Easy with Altuit’s ButtonGadget2 — Developers and Designers Get Professional Results

Link Maker Speeds Software Development -- Buttons Made Easy with Altuit's ButtonGadget2 -- Developers and Designers Get Professional Results

Austin, TX (PRWEB) October 17, 2006 -–

Custom Web buttons are now easier to create with ButtonGadget2(tm) from Altuit, Inc. A leader in providing design solutions (including the rapid development platform Runtime Revolution), the company today announced it is shipping the new graphics and design application to customers worldwide. The program complements many widely used Web and software applications, such as Filemaker, Window’s Vista, and Apple’s Xcode.

ButtonGadget2(tm) allows Web and software developers – even those with minimal graphic design skills -- to create animated buttons more easily than with any other tool on the market. It supports Macromedia applications and Microsoft FoxPro, among many other well known applications.

ButtonGadget2(tm) is the brainchild of internationally known and award-winning developer Chipp Walters, founder and CEO of Altuit. Using the program, a user can capture any arbitrary portion of a screen display and in seconds convert it into a set of four buttons that animate correctly. Grab a button from an existing site, import it into ButtonGadget2(tm), remove the text and replace it with your own in just seconds. "Virtually any button you see anywhere, you can copy, strip the text, add your own text, icons and logo, and publish it," Walters says.

In addition, ButtonGadget2(tm) incorporates a new ButtonStudio plugin that lets you instantly create professional buttons with glossy effects from simple screen captures.

"Another great feature," Walters says, "is our patent-pending SmartStretch(tm) technology which enables you to clean off and resize perfectly virtually all existing buttons regardless of how they were originally created while maintaining zero distortion of the original image. Web designers have expressed great interest in being able to do this very thing for some time now, as it's difficult if not impossible to do inside Photoshop. Legacy web sites can now be upgraded in rapid-development fashion using ButtonGadget2."

ButtonGadget2 provides developers and designers with an impressive array of advantages. These include:

    ButtonGadget2 functions like a mini-Photoshop -- without the overhead -- and is specifically dedicated to creating buttons and links

    Multi-state buttons make for effective web and software interface work

    Designer and programmers can work more quickly, making dozens of buttons in an hour, each with different look and feel, or following a single design motif

    Using BittyFont technology, very small, very clear text on buttons -- as small as 3-point -- can be clearly rendered

    ButtonGadget2 allows users to copy icons from any source and build custom buttons around them

    Users can import stock photos and drawings to create multi-state icon-based interfaces

    The program makes interface development easier and faster

    Users can “professionalize software and web site interfaces, as well as navigation easily justify higher fees

    Resellable button sets for stock image firms (such as can be offered to clients

    ButtonGadget2 can be used in any rapid development or software development interface design: Windows Vista, C++, C#, Basic, REALbasic, Runtime Revolution, Filemaker, Apple Xcode, RapidWeaver, MacroMedia Dreamweaver, iWeb, Visual Studio 2006, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Borland C++ Builder 6.0, Adobe ColdFusion, and many more

A five-minute video demo of the new product is available at ButtonGadget Videos.

"There simply isn't any software I'm aware of that lets a graphically challenged software developer like me create such snazzy buttons so easily and quickly," says well-known software developer, author and speaker Dan Shafer. "You really do have to see it to believe it."

ButtonGadget2(tm) is immediately available for sale at for both Windows and Macintosh systems. Developed with ease-of-use for novice users, and the power seasoned developers and graphic designers demand. Priced at just $ 34.95 for a version that runs on both systems.

For a free evaluation copy of ButtonGadget2, contact Chipp Walters at



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