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Innovative Tools Protect Your Sensitive Data from Latest Virus Threat

Innovative Tools Protect Your Sensitive Data from Latest Virus Threat

Palm Harbor, FL (PRWEB) June 29, 2004

An effective method of preventing sensitive information from being harvested has become even more important to computer users since the recent outbreak of the "Scob" virus. This virus steals confidential information, such as passwords, online banking information and credit card numbers, from infected computers. Another threat to security comes from the fact that virus transmission is no longer limited to email & network delivery. Virus writers have found a new way to distribute their malicious payload by converting popular websites into virus transmitters.

Tech Assist Inc, a leading provider of computer security applications and utilities, introduces tools to help prevent virus infections from resulting in identity theft by providing secure data storage for the SMB and consumer marketplace. Hide-A-FileTM, along with KeyPerTM, a unique software/hardware (dual authentication) combination, enables users to safeguard the sensitive data on their PCs, as well as preventing credit card, password, and identity theft.

Hide-A-FileTM allows a user to create hidden partitions, with assignable drive letters into which the files to be hidden are simply dragged-and-dropped, copied & pasted, etc., into the protected partition. When the USB CryptoKeyTM (hardware component) is removed, the virtual partitions disappear without a trace, making important information stored within them completely inaccessible. Only the insertion of the USB CryptokeyTM and the password (dual authentication) make the hidden partitions visible again. This combination provides the user with virtually hack-proof, secure storage for financial data, contacts, photos, videos, etc. Any individual who searches the user’s computer without the proper permissions AND assigned USB CryptoKeyTM will be unable to view the partitions and will not "see" the data.

KeyPerTM functionality utilizes the onboard memory of the USB CryptoKeyTM to store vulnerable data, such as Internet resources, passwords and banking information. It also is an effective "Identity Management" tool, because personal information is not stored on the computer but on the USB CryptoKeyTM. By copying and pasting personal information from the USB CryptoKeyTM, keystroke capture programs used for identity theft, such as the "Scob" virus, are bypassed. Unplug the USB CryptoKeyTM and personal information goes with you, wherever you go.

In today's world, you can never be too safe or too secure. Hide-A-FileTM and KeyPerTM effectively eliminate the worry associated with data & identity theft at home and at work.

For complete information on Hide-A-FileTM & KeyPerTM please visit

Established August 1992, Tech Assist, Inc. has become a leading supplier of exclusive enterprise security software systems and computer forensic investigative tools. With a focus on cutting edge technology we have outfitted thousands of organizations with industry leading, best-of-breed applications and services. These organizations include Fortune Companies, Small and Mid-size businesses, Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement, Educational Institutions, US Military, and many others.

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