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Great Ideas don’t wait around for better economic times

Great Ideas don't wait around for better economic times

(PRWEB) February 14, 2003

Dallas, Texas: February 17, 2003 — Not long ago, Memoir would have been exactly the type of company the investors would have climbed all over themselves to fund. But in a way, the management here is glad those times are gone. See, this little startup has got to this point without really spending any money. The current state of the economy, have forced these guys to be more creative, more economical, and create a more compelling product than what might have been if the inspiration came during the mass hysteria of the dot com era.

The folks at Memoir have figured out a cost-effective way to digitize and manage all the personal media of an individual or a business. With their patent pending methodology, this solution is just the kind of thing to spark the next media revolution.

So what’s the big deal? You all know about those Internet (portals) where you can upload your pictures…and you also know that as soon as you discontinue or switch providers, all that data is lost forever! There are even video and other media conversion services, but unless you’re making the big bucks, they are usually out of the reach for most of us. And so far these guys (the media conversion, and Internet portal companies) don’t really have a suggestion for all those old photos, tapes, documents and home movies sitting around in your home, other than even more expensive or tedious digital conversion methods.

The big deal is this methodology, which makes digitizing media cheaper and more efficient than ever before. "When we saw the choices available for people to digitize and manage their huge collections of photos and other media, we just knew there had to be a better way" says Ram Ramamurthi, Founder and CEO of Memoir.

Look, the average family has over 1000 photos and (over) several hours of video which came way before the digital media revolution. Who has the time to manage all this stuff, let alone create organized easy-to-use archives online? Certainly not everyday people with busy lives, no matter how much digital equipment they own. That’s where memoir offers real value. The media management portal, the media album, and the media sharing utilities are just icing on the cake.

It makes sense for anyone with any type of media, digitized or not. You want to see your parents in their youth, or listen to your child’s first words, or leave behind something more than just memories? This is ideal for individuals and businesses alike. The coolest thing about this is that once you do it (digitize your collection), it’s permanent. You don’t have to pay anything else to have access to it, unless you want to be able to access the services associated with your media. Its ideal for insurance claims (when physical assets are captured & stored), valuable documents, you name it!

"Most people we talk to think it’s strange why big media companies haven’t picked up on this." says Ray Podder, Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing, whose creative efforts along with Ram’s vision and the development team’s immaculate coding has gotten them to this point. The point of having a full-functioning branded product, along with customer acceptance, and adoption.

So despite uncertain times, Ram and Ray aren’t all that worried. "We have all the indicators of a hit on our hands" say the weathered duo. "The economy may be uncertain, but people know value when they see it." They may be right. Companies like Memoir are independent of market conditions, because the value they bring resonate with the most important audience of all—the consumers.

Memoir officially launched its services last year, just in time for the holidays. To learn more about memoir and all its services, go to


Memoir Incorporated is a Delaware Corporation formed in May 2000. It has since grown from a concept to an operating company mainly by exchanging its equity for various services. It has entered into strategic partnerships with two companies for software development and IT services, both with Fortune 500 clients. It has a software development center in India.

Mr. Ram K. Ramamurthi founded Memoir and holds the positions of President, CEO and Chairman of the Board. He has 15 years of experience in various areas including software, operations and finance. He has delivered many speeches, published about 25 articles in journals and holds more than 10 patents. He has been quoted in international media like Business Week, Dallas Morning News, Nikkei and Financial Times. Formerly, he was one of the leaders of a highly successful 90 million dollar factory automation project at Texas Instruments, that was eventually spun-off. His keen knowledge in automation and software management skills is a result of such experience. His financial management expertise is a result of managing a 5 million dollar portfolio of high-tech investments as a Portfolio Manager at Regal Asset Management, Dallas. Later he joined the largest high-risk venture, Ball Semiconductor, Allen, as the first executive outside of the founding team. As a Vice President of operations, he managed a variety of startup responsibilities such as assembling a core team of high-tech professionals, promoting the company among investors and media, and executing various operational milestones that resulted in the world’s first spherical IC.

Mr. Ray Podder holds the position of Senior VP, Marketing and Sales. He has over 12 years of experience in marketing and creating results through communication design for both B2C and B2B market segments. He has been a creative director, writer, designer and producer of award winning communication design acknowledged in industry periodicals such as Print, Communication Arts, MacArtist, Macromedia Gallery. He has contributed as a speaker and educator on subjects such as brand strategy and emerging technology at institutions such as the University of California and the New Media Producer’s guild of America. Most recently, he has been responsible for creating viable real-world brand strategy and product-consumer interface design for emerging wireless and broadband companies. His efforts have resulted in these young companies getting funding and customer acceptance, even during the current depressed economy. His keen knowledge and industry experience in consumer marketing has been acquired by serving as a consultant and creative director for leading companies such as Coca-Cola, Disney, Sony, THX and many others.

Memoir also seeks advice from proven business leaders for its execution. Its informal advisors are senior executives of Fortune 500 companies, CEO’s of growing companies, and successful entrepreneurs and professionals.

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Ram Ramamurthi | CEO

(214) 280-5942

Ray Podder | VP, Marketing and Sales

(310) 876-2766

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