Flyerstarter announces the launch of an industry-first nightclub and bar-focused stock photography agency.

Flyerstarter announces the launch of an industry-first nightclub and bar-focused stock photography agency.

(PRWEB) May 5, 2004 is a new online portal to buy and sell graphics, photos, fonts, and complete flyer designs, geared for the busy nightclub promotions industry. It is a central hub for promoters, club owners and music agencies to quickly find a fresh design to purchase, in lieu of hiring a graphic designer to make one from scratch.

An average major-city nightclub publishes 2-3 flyers each week, with a circulation of 5000 (N.C.B. Journal Sep. 2003). Flyerstarter is a unique service that connects independent graphic designers and photographers with the promoters spending the money.

The overall global recession has hit the nightclub industry hard, with many owners downsizing in all areas, even including activities for the essential task of getting customers into their establishments. Traditional independent contractor advertising channels are disappearing as more and more owners frustrate graphic designers and ad agencies with dwindling promotions budgets.

Flyerstarter connects the people with the talent to the people with the jobs. It is a community-driven stock photography and design portal that is a location for designers who have hard drives full of graphics that have seen the light of day once (or sometimes not even), to offer their original material for sale to the global club promotions market.

“Imagine you’re sitting in an event planning session in the middle of the night and your client asks for a completely fresh flyer design, due tomorrow. No sweat – browse Flyerstarter, find a great premade template, order it using our 128-bit secure credit card payment system and download it within minutes. Paste in your event logos and text and you’ve just saved yourself hours of work.” says Sebastian Dreschler, Flyerstarter Communications Director.

Flyerstarter’s catalog of files is unique. Most of the major online stock photography agencies offer material suitable for a higher bracket of the advertising industry; department store catalogs, general interest magazines, commerical websites, etc. The Flyerstarter site offers only material visually and thematically specific to the nightclub promotions industry, at prices that club owners can afford.

Says Keith Tuomi, Creative Director of Flyerstarter, “Why browse endlessly through stock photo agencies looking for one good image amongst the thousands of irrelevant average images if one excellent one does the job? On all photos and graphics are selected, unique and non-redundant. We’re not selling megabytes, we’re selling quality.” Contributors who have consigned their designs for sale on the site enjoy extended services such as private sales tracking screen which displays realtime statistics about how their files are selling. In addition, they are provided with a customized profile page which lets them further advertise their designs and business.


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