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Discover the Hidden Symbols of Cry Wolf

Discover the Hidden Symbols of Cry Wolf

Studio City, CA (PRWEB) August 4, 2006

Dan Brown’s smash hit novel The Da Vinci Code is not the only book filled with secret codes and symbols. The graphic novel series -- Cry Wolf -- is a unique, fun-filled excursion into the world of myths and legends, a hidden array of pictorial symbols and religious artifacts neatly crafted into the storyline by illustrator Daniel J. Frey.

“Both Daniel and I are big fans of Joseph Campbell, the famous investigator of cultural myths and legends,” says author Doug Crill. “His work has greatly influenced the creation of the Cry Wolf series.” Crill has woven an intricate lycanthropic tale set in Chicago’s Prohibition Era. An innocent private investigator is sent to Borneo to search for a missing person. He returns home the victim of a werewolf. However, any similarity to conventional folklore ends at that point.

The remainder of the four part series is a fascinating exposé of one man’s spiritual evolution and his eventual acceptance of the curse. Along the way, symbols and clues are cleverly scattered about the graphic landscape thanks to Frey. From Shintoism to Christianity, there’s a little something for everyone to discover in the artwork. From a historical standpoint, the series depicts life in Chicago during the heyday of Prohibition. Characters such as Al Capone and Frank Nitti are among the gangsters portrayed in this period fantasy.

Just ask the students of a recent English 220 class at the University of New Mexico. In 2005, the first installment in the series was required reading, among other texts, in a study of lycanthropy through the ages and its effects on the literary works of the day. The use of Cry Wolf as a teaching tool has paved the way for the book’s acceptance into some of the more prestigious libraries in America.

The series has also gained international attention with the christening of book one as "Best Graphic Novel of 2005" according to the Comicfanatic, a well-respected comic book and graphic novel review site. Book one was also featured at last year’s American Music Awards.

The second installment in this remarkable series -- “Ghost of Sijan,” -- can be purchased at,, It can be ordered at Borders Books, Books-a-million, Wal-Mart, and soon at Barnes and Noble.



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