Cornerstone Revolutions, Inc. Opens the Door to TechFi Users With Cornerstone PowerBroker Asset Management Software

Cornerstone Revolutions, Inc. Opens the Door to TechFi Users With Cornerstone PowerBroker Asset Management Software

(PRWEB) September 10, 2004

With the prospect of Advent Software pulling its support of TechFi products and discontinuing all enhancements and upgrades, independent investment advisors with TechFi software at the heart of their business have just found themselves on the wrong side of a closed door.

Choosing the most important piece of software in an investment professional’s office while continuing to provide the service their clients deserve, means advisors holding a term TechFi license will be out shopping for two things-the best product and the company that supports it. No asset management software program available today is going to hold value without an experienced team of developers behind it, a strong service team supporting it, and an administrative team that understands how to use it to create solutions for the independent investment advisor.

Enter Cornerstone Revolutions, Inc., makers of PowerBroker asset management software.


“Converting to PowerBroker is a collaborative effort at Cornerstone,” says Angela Lyles, Chief Executive Officer at Cornerstone Revolutions, “Our philosophy of ‘giving you what you ask for and not what we decide you need’ translates into a benefit for current TechFi users seeking a partnership with their software provider.”


Together with the new PowerBroker user, the Cornerstone service team secures a custodial download of client accounts, initial positions, and securities and collaborates on data mapping and creating a database to user specifications. The database is then delivered to the PowerBroker client on a CD, ready to install into their PowerBroker software.


With the recent successful conversion of a TechFi database, Cornerstone’s service team can also provide new PowerBroker users moving from a TechFi program with complete transaction detail on their historical data. And that can only be good news for advisors with years of data to convert.


With the open architecture of the Microsoft SQL database so familiar to TechFi users, PowerBroker developers can extend the functionality of the application using the .NET Framework without requiring users to purchase new software or hardware. This leaves PowerBroker capable of expanding into new technology where other software programs may not be prepared to go.


For independent advisors who once found TechFi’s price range a match for their office budget, PowerBroker’s special introductory price of $ 2,250 for a single user license including the first year of support will go a long way in easing concerns about the cost of conversion. Additional PowerBroker workstations can be added for $ 400 per station per year. Custodial interfaces and graphical reports are free of charge with the maintenance plan.


Choosing PowerBroker asset management software means making a choice to do business a different way, for independent investment advisors and their clients.


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