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Buy Jewish Gifts and Ritual Items Directly from Israel and Support Israeli Economy

Buy Jewish Gifts and Ritual Items Directly from Israel and Support Israeli Economy

Wheel of the 72 Names of God Kabbalah Pendant

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 31, 2010

Now anyone worldwide has an opportunity to shop in Israel. Online Israeli shop provides a very comprehensive list of Israeli made products.

If you are looking for unique Jewish gift or religious item it is a good idea to buy it directly from Israel. Such item will have a special meaning as it comes from the Holy Land. This way you also show your support and love to Israel by buying "blue and white" products.

Wide selection judaica items: kippahs, mezuzahs, tallits, shofars and Torah scrolls are offered by (located in Israel).

Kippah is the most instantly identifiable mark of a Jew. In Jewish law wearing a kippah is described as "honoring God" and the Talmud states "Cover your head in order that the fear of heaven may be upon you" so Jewish men and boys wear the kippah at all times. The collection of kippahs in YourHolyLandStore is really huge. Made from various materials and techniques: crocheted, suede, velvet, satin. More then 100 various kippah designs are available in the store.

A mezuzah is affixed to the doorframe in Jewish homes to fulfill the mitzvah (Biblical commandment) to inscribe the words of the Shema "on the doorposts of your house". The commandment to affix a mezuzah is widely followed in the Jewish world, even by Jews who are not religiously observant. While the most important part of the mezuzah is the Kosher "Klaf," or parchment, and not the case itself designing and producing mezuzah cases has been elevated to an art form over the ages. Mezuzot are produced from an endless variety of materials, from silver and precious metals, to wood, pewter, stone, ceramics, and even polymer clay. The Kosher parchment is written by a certified Sofer Stam (scribe) and made of cattle skin. Usually the scroll is proofread by an expert proofreader, then scanned by a computer to ensure that scroll is error-free and Kosher.

Kosher authentic polished or half natural shofars also can be found at YourHolyLandStore. The horns production is performed using old and traditional techniques combined with modern techniques, and all under very strict supervision of quality and kashruth of the shofars. The factory is located in Ramat Hagolan (Israel) and is under rabbinical supervision. The shofar is mentioned frequently in the Hebrew Bible, the Talmud and rabbinic literature. In post-Biblical times, the shofar was enhanced in its religious use because of the ban on playing musical instruments as a sign of mourning for the destruction of the temple. The Ashkenazi and Sefardi shofar is made from the horn of a domestic ram (see sheep), while a Yemeni shofar is made from the horn of a kudu.

If you want to have a Torah scroll like the one in synagogue or to give your child his first Torah scroll as a gift for Bar or Bat Mitzvah or to dance with on Simchat Torah you can also find it at YourHolyLandStore. This Torah for kids has the Torah scroll with an embroidered mantel which opens up to reveal the complete Torah scroll printed on tear free paper. The Torah is the first of three parts of the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible), the founding religious document of Judaism, and is divided into five books, whose names in English are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, in reference to their themes (their Hebrew names: Bereshit, Shmot, Vayikra, Bamidbar, and Dvarim, are derived from the wording of their initial verses).

For more information about YourHolyLandStore or to view its wide range of Jewish gifts and jewelry visit



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