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Another Way for Employers to Say ?Happy Christmas?

Another Way for Employers to Say “Happy Christmas”

(PRWEB) November 28, 2005

The Home Computer Initiative was designed to provide Personal Computers for staff for their home use. So far results have shown that this access to a computer at home, to use and enjoy, boosts staff morale, and that their employers get a better trained workforce (as having a computer at home sharpens their IT skills).

Better still business's can actually save money as it cuts down their National Insurance bill.

The Home Computer Initiative - What is it Exactly?

What is the Home Computing Initiative? The Home Computing Initiative is a tax exempt loan scheme supported by the government and designed to offer employees and their families the benefits of having PC equipment at home.

The Home Computing Initiative helps employees unlock the benefits of wider home computer use by offering staff a low-cost, convenient way of having a PC at home. The HCI scheme is simple to administer and it can save participating organizations' money too.


1.    Home computing at up to 50% of the high street cost

2.    Easy installments via Salary Sacrifice

3.    They can forget high street finance charges

4.    There is no invasive personal credit check

5.    No need for a deposit

6.    Anti virus and Internet content filtering software for the duration of the scheme

7.    Home delivery and installation

8.    Connection to the Internet and email account set up

9.    In-home repairs for the duration of the scheme

10.    Telephone support at national premium rates

The benefits are wide ranging and offer businesses a great way of saying "Thank You". Access to the HCI program is offered by many IT companies, details of one can be found at

Happy Festive Season to All

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