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Advertising Agency Celebrates 35, 25, 20, 15 and 10 Years, All In 2011

Advertising Agency Celebrates 35, 25, 20, 15 and 10 Years, All In 2011

Trappe, PA (PRWEB) May 25, 2011

Epps Advertising, an advertising, graphic design and marketing firm located in Trappe, PA, is celebrating its 35th year in business this year. And, the 25th anniversary of Creative Director, Tom Burkett; the 20th anniversary of both Art Director, Linda Jacobs and Web Developer Rich Moon; the 15th anniversary of Account Coordinator/Media Planner Leann Shultz; and the 10th anniversary of Rebecca Yergey, Administrative Assistant. That’s decades of milestones in 2011 for the landmark agency.

When Shirley Epps, owner and president of Epps Advertising, began her career as a freelance graphic designer little did she know that within the year (1976) she would soon have enough business to need help. She started with freelancers, then hired full-time employees who have stayed for decades to help her build the business with their talent, drive and commitment.

What’s ironic is that Epps went into business herself because she never wanted to be an employee, especially long-term. “I was stubbornly independent, I did not like people telling me how or what to do, and I never needed to have someone set goals for me. I had to feel in control of my own destiny” she stated. And because of her own inclinations, she allowed staff to work in the least unstructured environment possible. “The majority of ad agency employees are very creative thinkers. They need more freedom and, myself coming from a creative background, I can relate to that and I think they’ve thrived and stayed with the company long-term because of our short list of rules, regulations and requirements.”

Epps Advertising will be hosting a fall Open House to celebrate its 35th year in the business, as well as the tenure of its long-term employees. The company specializes in branding and creative for all industries especially non-profits and retail. Its services include website design and optimization, e-commerce, print creative and production, writing, and strategic planning. For more information, call 610-489-6211 or visit


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