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Xtreme Compute Technologies (XCT) Announces New ?r-BriX? Line of FPGA Powered ?Reconfigurable? Compute Solutions

Xtreme Compute Technologies (XCT) Announces New “r-BriX” Line of FPGA Powered “Reconfigurable” Compute Solutions

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) January 21, 2011

Xtreme Compute Technologies (XCT) today announced availability of its r-BriX line of FPGA accelerated systems using advanced co-processing hardware from Stone Ridge Technology. The r-BriX line of FGPA accelerated products provides additional and complementary HPC flexibility to XCT’s a-BriX line of GPU accelerated products. The r-BriX product line is directed at market sectors that benefit most from FPGA acceleration such as Bioinformatics, Financial feed processing and Intelligence.

“The new r-BriX family of FPGA-enabled compute solutions, the second of XCT’s “BriX” product family, complements our a-BriX line providing step-out performance in specific markets where FPGA’s are clearly the technology lead,” said Jeff Fettig, Vice President and Partner, XCT. “With the addition of FPGA co-processing we can offer order of magnitude performance boosts to wide market sectors that can use them and help fulfill our mission of offering leading edge technology and performance in HPC.”

"XCT brings a seasoned team of HPC experts who have recognized the persistent role that co-processors such as GPU’s and FPGA’s are playing and will continue to play in the HPC market.” said Dr. Vincent Natoli, President of Stone Ridge Technology. "The r-BriX line of products uses our latest FPGA hardware and will have a dramatic impact on performance for applications in Bioinformatics, Financial feed processing and National Intelligence. FPGA’s are superior solutions where applications require deep and multiple pipelines and streaming kernels. In these areas they can provide 10x-100x performance boosts at order of magnitude lower power and footprint.”

Available configurations include:

    1u rackmount, single PCIe x16/Gen2 connection, 850W PSU, supporting up to 2 Stone Ridge FPGA processing boards
    2u rackmount, dual PCIe x16/Gen2 connections, dual 850W PSU’s, supporting up to 4 Stone Ridge FPGA processing boards
    SideCar deskside tower, single PCIe x16/Gen2 connection, 750W PSU, supporting up to 3 Stone Ridge FPGA processing boards

Learn more about XCT and our current product line at

About Xtreme Compute Technologies (XCT)

XCT, based in Richmond, Virginia is a High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions provider dedicated to delivering best of breed technologies to meet the needs of its compute and data- intensive customers across all vertical markets. The XCT “BrIX” product family is the first of a number of innovative and cost effective products that will be introduced in the coming months. Xtreme scale storage, compute, and fully integrated data center solutions will be announced in Q1 of CY’11. XCT is dedicated to delivering superior value to its customers through a combination of comprehensive technical knowledge, and proactive partnerships with both its customers and vendors.

About Stone Ridge Technology (SRT)

Founded in 2005, Stone Ridge Technology provides products and services for high-performance computing on heterogeneous platforms. Headquartered in Bel Air, Maryland, the company designs build and markets the RDX and HFT lines of FPGA co-processing systems. It also provides consulting and development services for CPU, GPU and FPGA co-processing on technical applications. With customers in Oil and Gas, Finance and Bioinformatics it is a leading firm assisting clients through the transition to parallel computing.

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