WyvernWorks Announces 2004 Product Family

WyvernWorks Announces 2004 Product Family

Penang, Malaysia (PRWEB) April 3, 2004

WyvernWorks Dot Com today announced the release of their 2004 product family, which significantly expands their product line of easy-to-use, comprehensive Windows software utilities.

WyvernWorks Dot Com, a four-year-old Malaysian-based company, focuses on the development of Windows utilities designed to enhance and secure computer operation by capitalizing on the underlying strength of the Windows operating system.

In introducing the new product family, M. Mohansundram, the company’s Chief Software Architect, said, “We believe that any user, regardless of his level of Windows knowledge, should be able to easily secure his system or his data. Our products are designed to make the Windows and Internet experience safe, easy, and efficient for every PC user.”

M. Vikneswaran, the company’s Chief Information Officer, said, “Our five new products bring additional security and operational ease to Windows users, and complement our previously released utilities. We believe that these new products will have wide appeal to users everywhere.” He further noted that the company now has eleven software utilities on the market.

The five new utility programs that have been added to WyvernWorks Dot Com’s software utility product line are Data Sanitizer 2004, Defender 2004, Drive Clean-Up Gold 2004, Pop-Up Away 2004, and Registry Fix-Up 2004.

Data Sanitizer 2004 ensures that deleted data is truly gone. While Windows simply marks the file directory to indicate that a file or folder is no longer in use, the actual data still remains on the disk drive, and might be viewable with data recovery tools. Data Sanitizer 2004 overwrites that data using methods that comply with the U.S. Department of Defense standards for data security, to guarantee that the data is truly unrecoverable.

Because the average user does not have sophisticated computer security expertise, Defender 2004 organizes dozens of security settings and allows the user to easily protect his computer. Designed for all ranges of users, including parents who wish to protect their PC from accidental misuse by their children, small businesses that wish to protect their networked computers, and public access computers that must be restricted, Defender 2004 simplifies the security process.

Drive Clean-Up Gold is the premiere tool for cleaning out all of those hidden and “secret” lists and files that Windows uses to keep track of what you’ve been doing. This utility ensures your complete privacy and security by removing any trace of historical activities on your computer.

Pop-Up Away 2004 is designed to protect users from the proliferation of pop-up and pop-under windows that may appear when visiting websites. Fully configurable, this utility program will silently destroy those annoying ad windows. Pop-Up Away 2004 is offered free of charge.

Rounding out the new product line-up is Registry Fix-Up 2004, designed to optimize the Windows Registry and improve performance. Over time, the Windows Registry can become bloated and sometimes even corrupted with entries that were not properly updated or removed. Registry Fix-Up will find and correct those entries for you. All actions are reversible, using the built-in Registry backup feature, which allows the user to restore an earlier version of the Registry if needed.

WyvernWorks Dot Com’s previously released utilities, which include NetTweak Pro, Spam Away, Ad Away, RAM Resurrect, Drive Clean Up, and Firewall, have been enhanced and improved using the latest advances in software technology, making them an even better value than before.

All of WyvernWorks Dot Com’s programs are available for purchase online. Trial versions are also available for download from their website at http://www.wyvernworks.com. Existing customers are eligible for free upgrades to the products they previously have purchased.

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