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What Was Your Job From Hell?: Manx Media Wants to Know

What Was Your Job From Hell?: Manx Media Wants to Know

Portland, OR (PRWEB) August 25, 2006

Having a Job From Hell is a universal rite of passage, and Manx Media wants to hear about yours. Manx has put out the call for essays running 400 words about lousy jobs, with an emphasis on humor. Entries may be sent via the Manx Media web site.

Starting this September 15, Manx Media will publish two “Job From Hell” entries per week on its web site over a six-week period. Successful entries will receive a $ 20.00 check and a copy of 40 Hour Man.

“Holding a rotten job is a common experience, and it's the engine that powers the humor in 40 Hour Man,” quips cartoonist Steve Lafler, co-creator of the graphic novel with writer Stephen Beaupre.

40 Hour Man is a hilarious recounting of Beaupre’s career—from doing time as a miniature golf lackey, to going bust in the internet boom. Beaupre riffs on skirmishes with bad bosses, crazy co-workers, sex, drugs and polyester uniforms as he delineates his quest to find and hang onto a job he can live with.

Lafler’s Job From Hell was right out of college—with a newly minted art degree, he nailed down a gig working on a loading dock at a shabby department store for minimum wage.

One of the sales girls noticed a tiny mole scurrying about the lingerie department, and Lafler was drafted to capture it. Upon catching the little critter, Lafler released it in the field behind store. Later that day, the boss asked if he’d “wacked” the mole.

That was the last straw.

"I don't whack cute little moles for minimum wage," was the indignant retort, and two week notice was served.

40 Hour Man is available in bookstores September 30, and is distributed to the book trade by Biblio Distribution, phone (800) 462-6420.

$ 18.00 USA, Graphic Novel, ISBN 0-9769690-0-9, 6” x 9” 256 pages.



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