VoltDB Releases Upgrade to Next-Generation, Open-Source Database

VoltDB Releases Upgrade to Next-Generation, Open-Source Database

Billerica, MA (PRWEB) July 27, 2010

VoltDB, LLC (http://www.voltdb.com), announced today the general availability of the VoltDB open-source OLTP database management system (DBMS), version 1.1. VoltDB is a next-generation SQL DBMS that has been shown to process millions of transactions per second on inexpensive clusters of off-the-shelf servers. It is a highly scalable alternative to traditional OLTP databases such as MySQL, and unlike scalable NoSQL key-value stores, VoltDB can be accessed using SQL and always ensures transactional data integrity (ACID). VoltDB version 1.1 is the first upgrade to the product since its launch in May and includes features that enhance performance, integration and ease of production deployment.

“Working with VoltDB has been amazing,” said Alan Cima, an independent application architect currently developing a next-generation Web 2.0 application for a large financial services firm.”The database provides stunning performance, and for such a young product, its quality and reliability are remarkable. The VoltDB team has been very responsive during our project; they even added several deployment features to version 1.1 at our request.”

The VoltDB database is ideal for developers of ad serving, gaming, financial trading, on-line businesses and other systems with large, fast-growing transaction volumes because VoltDB scales out easily on low-cost servers while providing transactional integrity (ACID), SQL access and automatic high availability for 24×7 operation. VoltDB 1.1 enhancements include:

C++ client library – Not only does the C++ client library provide easier access to VoltDB from C++ applications, it also permits developers to more easily create client libraries in other languages.
HTTP/JSON interface – A new HTTP/JSON interface makes it straightforward to access VoltDB from Web applications.
Hot schema changes – VoltDB tables can be added or dropped without stopping the database, which enables higher availability and easier administration.
Simplified deployment administration – VoltDB applications can now be moved from a development or staging environment onto a production hardware cluster without having to recompile the application.
SQL performance – ORDER BY with expressions is now supported and JOIN/complex SQL consumes less CPU and less memory, resulting in faster performance.

“We’re excited to be working with a great community of VoltDB users,” said VoltDB president, Scott Jarr. “People are pushing the product hard within a wide variety of interesting database application projects. The interest has been fantastic, and we are happy to be a part of solving our users’ high-performance database needs.”

Designed by DBMS research and design pioneer, Mike Stonebraker, the VoltDB performance advantage stems from an in-memory, distributed database partitioning concept that is optimized to run on today’s memory-rich servers with multi-core CPUs. The combination of the following design elements makes the VoltDB architecture so effective:

Data is held in memory (instead of on disk) for maximum throughput.
VoltDB performance scales out near linearly by simply adding additional servers to the cluster.
VoltDB distributes data partitions, and SQL engines to process them, to each CPU core in the cluster.
Unlike custom sharding solutions, VoltDB automatically maintains data consistency across nodes.
Data is automatically replicated for intra-cluster high availability 24×7

Availability and open source licensing

VoltDB 1.1 is available immediately from http://www.voltdb.com. The open-source Community Edition is licensed under the GPL and is available for free. Pricing for annual support subscriptions starts at $ 15,000 per year for a 4-server configuration. Visit this link for detailed VoltDB pricing.

About VoltDB, LLC

Founded in 2009 by DBMS R&D pioneer Mike Stonebraker, and serial entrepreneur, Andy Palmer, VoltDB eliminates traditional price/performance and scalability bottlenecks via an innovative DBMS architecture that combines in-memory processing, a shared-nothing scale-out architecture and a unique solution to ensure high-availability 24×7. Unlike NoSQL alternatives, VoltDB does not sacrifice SQL or ACID (transactional integrity), so there’s less of a learning curve, less coding and less complexity. Investors in VoltDB include Vertica Systems, and GETCO, LLC an electronic trading and technology firm. VoltDB, LLC is headquartered outside of Boston, MA. and is led by some of the best data management and software entrepreneurs in the business from Oracle, HP, MIT, IBM and Vertica.

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