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Void Pantograph Licensor Optical Deterrent Systems LLC (Peachtree, GA) Signs Marketing Agreement with Arcis Digital Security Inc (Atlanta, GA)

Void Pantograph Licensor Optical Deterrent Systems LLC (Peachtree, GA) Signs Marketing Agreement with Arcis Digital Security Inc (Atlanta, GA)

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) October 2, 2006

Void Pantograph licensor Optical Deterrent Systems LLC (Peachtree GA) signs a comprehensive marketing and support agreement with Arcis Digital Security Inc (Atlanta, GA).

Optical Deterrent Systems (ODS) is a highly respected Void Pantograph brand in the graphics arts industry since 1996 and in August of this year ODS reached a comprehensive agreement with Arcis Digital Security Inc (ADS). Under the terms of the agreement, ADS will license, market and support the ODS Void Pantograph brand throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. ADS will also introduce the updated versions of the ODS technology which are decidedly the most current and effective anti-copy technology against modern copiers and scanners.

One new application is designed for Check21 (Checks for the 21st Century) branded as the "Scan Resident Image Security"™ or SRIS. This part of the ODS family of technologies allows the printer to create a unique Void Pantograph feature that will survive bank scanning, stay with the electronic image, and print on an image replacement document (IRD). The SRIS can be customized to be any logo, specific words or graphics that are particular to the customer.

"We firmly believe our licensees and their clients can enjoy a substantial market advantage and capitalize on various market opportunities with the advancements made on the ODS technologies." States Bob Saunders General Manager of Optical Deterrent Systems LLC

Ameriprint, a trade only forms printer in the Chicago area, is now offering this advanced Check 21 SRIS Scan Survivable Image Security to their customers and are doing extremely well with it. According to AmeriPrint's V.P. of Sales, Gary St. Onge, "We are getting new business everyday from people looking for the Scan Resident Image Security and improved optical deterrent technology".

The "Scan Resident Image Security"™ (SRIS) feature has also been tested on the RDM IQ X97 Image Qualifier. The IQ X97 is the standard test equipment used by banks to ensure Check 21 compliance. The SRIS passed all testing and is totally Check 21 compliant.

The ODS void pantograph is flexible and versatile, and can be used to protect checks, coupons, tickets, prescription pads, packaging as well as all other other printed documents that require security.


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